Monday, June 22, 2009


So, last night, some of us were looking at iTunes & Marcus Foster's EP was on iTunes! So we got it & today it is #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart! Amazing!!! It is fabulous. Do yourself a favor and go get it. Six amazing songs for $5.94.

Get it here!!!

Visit Marcus at MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ok, I'm really excited. Only more more day until this guy's first EP comes out on iTunes. I'm beyond excited. His music is interesting, amazing, unique, eccentric at times, and just Marcus.

It is going to be brilliant. Visit Marcus at MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter. And don't forget to get this EP tomorrow!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 108th Birthday!

If Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer's Twilightwere a real person (hmmm, real Vampire), he would be 108 years old today. So . . .

Happy Birthday, Edward!!!

It was actually 1 year ago today (around 3:00am) that I finished the 3rd book in the series, Eclipse, and it was a few days later when I realized I had finished the book on his fictional birthday. Sort of a nerdy thing to be happy about, but I'll take it. :)

Off to watch some Twilight and have some cake! :)

Here's the movie trailer in case you missed it:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Year of Twilight

It has been a year tonight since I began reading Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1). I bought the first book in the series a couple of weeks before, after joining Facebook and seeing tons of Twilight flair. So, I decided to see what the fuss was about and looked up the books. The story intrigued me. Thinking back, I had seen students reading the books the last couple of years, but had never been interested.

After I bought Twilight, I didn't read it for a couple of weeks. I'm not sure why, other than that sometimes I like to keep exciting/interesting books around to prolong the gratification. I decided, for some reason, that I was going to start reading it the night of Saturday, 14 June.

Of course, I woke up that morning with a bad headache that lingered all day. But, I was determined to begin it, so I did . . . and ended up reading until 3am, when I reluctantly made myself put the book down. I know exactly where I stopped.

I decided only to read the books at night, in order to drag out my joy. I was quite good about it Sunday. It was Father's Day and we went to see Prince Caspian at the movie theater. And I saw my first Twilight poster. Yay!!

That night I kept reading and again read until at least 3am. It was so hard to stop (sort of like how hard it is for Edward to resist Bella's blood).

Monday I was doing a ton of cleaning in my bedroom. My entire bed was covered, as was most of the floor. I worked, but my mind kept wandering to the book . . . which was sitting right there. And who was to say I couldn't sneak a chapter or two . . . except me.

So, I cleared a tiny spot on the floor next to my bed, squeezed down, and sped through a couple of chapters. Then put it down and got back to work.

I finished it that night. My first post about it is here.

And this is what I wrote after I read Twilight for the first time.

One song that makes an appearance is "Clair de Lune" by DeBussy. I had just been in a little "Atonement" phase and that song is on the soundtrack. After I read that part in the book I started playing it over and over and over and it became my Twilight song. It fits so perfectly. Now every time I hear it I feel all thos emotions again.

Tuesday I went to the story and bought the next two books, New Moon and Eclipse. I wasn't going to do any reading except at night, so I had to wait until I got home Tuesday evening to start New Moon. I ended up staying up really late that night and then threw my "only before bed" rule out the window. I read it as much as I could and finished it Wednesday night.

I began Eclipse and did the same and finished it at 4am the morning of 20 June, which just so happens to be Edward Cullen's birthday (haha). I was enthralled.

And one of my best friends began reading the books after she saw I was, so we were enthralled together.

This past year has been a Twilight year. The fourth book, Breaking Dawn, came out on 2 August 2008 and we had a Breaking Dawn Weekend.

Then in November the Twilight movie came out. Amazing. Another Twilight Weekend. And now New Moon has been filmed. It seems like years, but it has only been one.

I love it. So I'm going to read it again (again again) tonight. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

10 More Days!!

Speaking of the brilliant Marcus Foster,

It is going to be brilliant! For a taste, visit his MySpace or YouTube and follow him on Twitter.

Bye bye, Blues!

A new Marcus Foster video to help chase away the Blues. I guarantee it works! :)

Marcus is amazing & this song so cheered me up this afternoon. So thanks for that, Marcus!

Bobby, Marcus, & Sam Updates

Ok, so lately my music of choice (possibly drug of choice) has been 3 English singer/songwriter/musicians. They are amazing and I cannot get enough of their music or their lovely, witty personalities.

If you want to hear some good music visit these boys:

Bobby Long
Marcus Foster
Sam Bradley

Lots of links and I don't have time to properly format them right now, so this will have to do. I love these guys!!

First up, lots of Bobby news:

-After posting "Cold cold loving" on his MySpace yesterday, Bobby took it down by the end of the day. No word why yet, but lots of tears from the LoD Girls! :) Hopefully he's just going to put another, better version of it up. And as I was writing this Bobby's online on MySpace and just put it back up! So go listen & thank him for putting it up!!!

-New London July date up:

-Bobby sent a few tweets today & here are the links:

-A review of Bobby's music at an Indie blog: Please go leave a comment & tell them how much you love Bobby's music. And then repost the link as a MySpace bulletin or on Facebook.

-The big one of the day: An interview with RadarOnline. There's no place for comments, but there is a "Share it" button a the top that makes it easy to post the link everywhere. So do as many places as you can! :) (Oh, and stop by to say thanks for posting it too:,37&archive=&start_from=&)

-BUT the big LOD News of the Day is an email from Phil, which you can read here: Bobby's coming back Stateside for tons of dates all over from October-December, so start thinking of where he should come! Read the whole thing because there is lots of awesome, exciting info.
-Phil also asks us to go here and tell them Bobby will be in Germany in October & to book him for a show

Ok, I think that's the Bobby News for the Day.

Now, Marcus:
-I don't know if I sent this one yesterday, but here's a link to some clips of Marcus' show the other day:

-And, here are pictures from that performance: Use the link here to find the source of the pics & leave some comments on the pictures so they know how much we love our Marcus!

-This Saturday Marcus (and Phil, Bobby's manager) will be on Dreamers Radio on VampRadio. Details here at the LJ: Very exciting for us! He'll only be on for a bit, so no callers, but if you have a great question you can e-mail it using the address at the link. If you haven't listened before or you'll have to miss it, you can find the archives on iTunes. Free podcasts. Awesome. Go get the older shows because they are hilarious.

-Here are Marcus' latest Tweets: Marcus told us this morning that his ep will be on iTunes in 10 DAYS!!! Exciting! Go give him some love & tell him how much we're looking forward to it!

Finally, on to darling Sam:
-Not much news right now, as he's preparing to leave for his 3 month tour, but here are his latest tweets: Poor boy's car has broken down. He'll be in Nashville 3 July. With his band. Yay!