Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Season 2 of House on DVD!

The Season 2 DVD set of House came out today. My sister bought it and we look forward to re-watching all the fabulous episodes.

Included as bonus features are, according to Amazon.com:

An Evening With House" panel discussion at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with the cast and executive producers
Commentary by executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs on the episodes "Autopsy" and "No Reason"
Alternate takes from the episodes "Daddy's Boy" and "Sleeping Dogs Lie" with Lisa Edelstein (Cutty) and Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) performing, like, Valley Girl style
"It Could Be Lupus..." - A montage of clips highlighting the shows oft-repeated diagnosis
Blooper Reel
The blooper reel will probably be hilarious.

The 3rd season of House premieres on 5 September at 8pm. If you haven't seen any episodes, I suggest renting (or buying) the dvds. Hugh Laurie is hilarious as Dr. Gregory House.

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Nathalie said...

The first series of House has just started in Holland. It's a bit weird at first to see Hugh Laurie with an American accent though.
Especially when the re-runs of Blackadder the third are also on, in which he speaks very over-the-top-posh English. :)
I think its a very interesting series nonetheless!

Lady Jane said...

Thanks for the comments, Nathalie! I imagine it must be very odd to see Hugh speak without his real accent. I have really, mostly only seen him as House. I do want to see Blackadder.

I hope you enjoy the show! It is hilarious and very interesting. Hugh is absolutely brilliant.