Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7: Josh Groban Style

Jane's Thirteen Favorite Josh Groban Songs In Honor of the Arrival of Awake, Josh's new cd on 7 November 2006!

I LOVE Josh Groban's music. Have you heard him? Gorgeous voice. Gorgeous man. I think he looks like Lord Byron reincarnated and sings like one of God's Angels. His new cd comes out on Tuesday, 7 November, so I thought I would honor him with 13 of my favorite Josh songs. These are listed in no particular order. AOL has all 13 of the songs on the new album for you to listen to, if you can't wait until Tuesday (I can't wait!).

So, without further ado, here are 13 of my favorite Josh Groban songs (some of the song links take you to clips, the ones from Awake are the full song):

1. Romeo and Juliet, from Awake. It is the song from the old Romeo & Juliet film starring Olivia Hussey. Josh sings it in Italian. Time to faint!

2. You Raise Me Up From Closer. When I sing along with this song I consider it a prayer to God. He always raises me up.

3. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) from Awake. This is a beautiful reminder that we are all God's creatures and we are all loved.

4. Alla Luce Del Sole From Josh Groban. Italian! His voice is so gorgeous on this one.

5. Remember When It Rained From Closer. Very powerful.

6. Mi Morena From Josh Groban Live at The Greek (CD/DVD). In English. I just love the way he sounds in this one and the music.

7. Cinema Paradiso From Josh Groban. In Italian. Beautiful!

8. Remember From the Troy: Music From The Motion Picture (Score) Soundtrack. Very haunting.

9. Canto Alla Vita From Josh Groban. In Italian. Full of life and joy.

10. Per Te From Closer. In Italian. What can I say? I LOVE listening to Josh sing in Italian.

11. All Improvviso Amore From Closer. In Italian.

12. Believe From The Polar Express Soundtrack.

13. Un Amore Per Sempre From Josh Groban. In Italian.

BONUS I keep listening to Lullaby. From Awake. It is so gorgeous and soothing! I want to listen to it as I fall asleep tonight.

What is your favorite Josh Groban song?

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Caryle said...

I love Josh Groban, too. His voice just makes me melt. :)

Thanks for stopping by my list!

amy said...

What an amazing voice...I would love one of his cd's.if I had to get one, which one would it be?

Mine is up! Please stop by to vote for our daughters name!!!

Missy said...

Okay, I'm hooked! I've always loved the Romeo and Juliet song (one of my all time favorite movies) and his voice just made it that much better! I've heard Josh Groban's name but hadn't really listened to his music; thanks for the introduction.

Great list!

Christine said...

I'm going to have to add this to my Christmas Wish List, along with Sara McLaughlin Christmas CD. I love Josh Groban.
It's always good to see you've stopped by for a visit.
Have a great day!

Lynn said...

I love "You Lift Me Up" for much the same does indeed lift me up;-) Thanks for sharing these...makes me want to go dig out my Josh Groban cds and also to check out his new one! Thanks too for stopping by. DS is now celebrating with 5 of his 12-13 year old friends for the entire my house;-)

Lady Jane said...

Caryle, his voice makes me melt too! I like to close my eyes and listen.

Amy, hmmm, which cd to get is a very, very hard choice! I suppose if you don't know if you like him yet, you should get one of the first two, from or something. Then, get the new one. Of course, the new one will be on sale on Tuesday. :)

Oh, I hope you are hooked, Missy! He has a gorgeous voice and I love his music. I couldn't wait to hear "Romeo & Juliet" because I love the music and the play. Isn't it exquisite?

Christine, I can't wait until Christmas! I am going to indulge myself Tuesday. I am sure I will be gushing about it (more) next week! What I really want is a Josh Groban Christmas cd! Thanks for stopping by too! :)

Lynn, it gives me shivers! Such a beautiful song. I hope you enjoy your busy evening! I am a substitute teacher and such a big group of teenage boys can be a challenge! :)

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment!

Janet said...

i don't believe i've ever heard him...but i always thought Robert Plant had the voice of an angel!

Anias Nin said...

My best friends, Sally and Tanya, love Josh Groban, but I've never even heard his music. I'm sure it's good, though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment! I hope you had a great T13!

Lady Jane said...

Janet and Anias Nin, you should listen to one of the songs then! He has the voice of an angel. :) Thanks for visiting!

Jennie said...

What a great list! I love learning about new musicians. About the book lending, it's more an excuse to buy more books--what if I need a book I've lent out? I need another copy!

Lady Jane said...

Jennie, Josh also plays the piano and drums and co-writes songs.

Excellent point about the books! I have multiple copies of Pride and Prejudice and any number of books!


Kimba said...

I love Josh Groban too! My husband danced with his mother at our wedding reception to "You Raise Me Up", which was just so appropriate! I too can't wait to get the new CD...and I completely agree that he looks like Byron...yum!

Lady Jane said...

What a lovely choice for a mother-son dance, Kimba! Are you going to buy the new one on Tuesday? I want to hear Josh recite some Byron! lol Thanks!

Melessa said...

Oh my gosh! I have to buy this CD. I'm fluent in Italian and this is a must have.

Cindy said...

My daughter and I both love Josh Groban too! Wonderful voice...and great idea for a TT. Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Lady Jane said...

Oh, how wonderful, Melessa. I wish I could speak Italian; I want to know what he is saying! :)

Thanks, Cindy! I was trying to think of what to do and this just popped into my mind! :)

Thanks for visiting!

Christine said...

Hello Lady Jane. I just found your blog through the Thursday Thirteen link. I love Josh, but hadn't heard that song before! I'll be hitting the stores tomorrow to try and find this CD. Thank you! :)

Lady Jane said...

Welcome, Christine! I'm glad you stopped by! Josh's new album comes out on Tuesday! I can't wait! Thanks for visiting!

JerseyTjej said...

What a fabulous blog! All of my main men are here...Josh, House and Hornblower! I feel giddy just seeing them all in one place! Favorite JG song...You raise me up is my favorite, although ANYTHING he sings in italian is pefect!

Lady Jane said...

Welcome, JerseyTjej! Always lovely to "meet" another Josh/House/Hornblower fan! I feel giddy too! :) I agree that anything Josh sings in Italian is exquisite!

Thanks for visiting and do come back!