Monday, January 08, 2007

Enjoying the Calm of January

While Christmas can be a hectic season, putting away Christmas decorations and taking down the lights once January rolls around is always somewhat depressing. Don't you think the house looks boring and dull when everything is back to normal? I certainly do.

I came across this article and thought it had some lovely ways to enjoy this month:

Five Ways to Love January

In short (the basic ideas are from the article and I have added some of my favorites):

  • Read a classic novel. My favorite: Pride and Prejudice by my favorite author, Jane Austen. Take some hot Earl Grey tea with you, and a warm blanket, and find a cozy spot.
  • Bake bread: not only is it easy and fun, but your house will smell deliciously. Even if the bread doesn't taste as good as you hoped, you will be able to say you made it (and the smell will linger!).
  • Write something: find an empty journal or notebook or write a letter (It is a rare thing, these days, to receive an handwritten letter. Surprise someone!).
  • Take comfort in friends: have some people over for a game night, make dinner together, have a movie night or a knitting party.
I'm looking forward to all of the above.

How do you plan to fight the winter blues?


Ms. Place said...

I snuggle with my pooch, my darling little rescue dog. Then I pick up Sense and Sensibility (I read Pride and Prejudice in November) and snuggle under my bedcovers. I also put on beautiful music.

What a great post!

Lady Jane said...

Snuggling with one's precious dog is always a heart-warming treat. I am reading Sense and Sensibility again right now too! I don't have a particular month in which to read P&P, but I always read Wuthering Heights in October. Why do you read P&P in November?

And what kind of music? Do tell!

Thank you!