Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tea Without Milk, Please

If you take milk in your tea (as I do on occasion), you might want to start taking it without:

AFP: Milk destroys health benefits of tea: study---

PARIS (AFP) - Bad news for Britons: adding milk to tea ruins the health benefits of the drink, according to a Germany study.

Tea has complex compounds called polyphenols which are believed to help the arteries to relax or dilate, thus enabling a smoother flow of blood.
[. . .]
The study, which appears online in the European Heart Journal, points the finger of blame at three casein proteins in the milk. These are thought to adhere to a kind of polyphenols known as catechins, preventing them from carrying out their health-making work.

This could explain why Britain, a nation passionate about tea-drinking but where almost everybody adds milk to their cup, fails to make headway against cardiovascular disease, said researcher Verena Stangl.
I suppose it all makes sense. I generally only drink tea with milk when I feel the need for something cozy and very, very comforting in a childlike sort of way.

How do you take your tea?

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Jill said...

I saw that report on our ABC affiliate station. The anchor lady was saying she was going to have to stop putting milk in her tea. Me, I prefer lemon.

Lady Jane said...

I put lemon in on a rare occasion when I am having tea at a restaurant and they bring it to me.

I wonder if putting in other substances like lemon and sugar also ruins the health benefits?

Thanks for visiting!

Ms. Place said...

I take my Earl Grey tea without milk. But when in England, I add two or three squares of sugar and milk.

When in Rome ...

Lady Jane said...

I like my Earl Grey without milk most of the time. Just a touch, every now and then, for even more comfort. And sometimes a little sugar. Does anyone ever use honey? I just got some, but I never put it in.


Aj said...

I love honey in my tea .. I suppose it's just a habit from childhood.