Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hornblower on the Big Screen?

I hope so!

This is exciting. I love the Hornblower books and movies (and the actor who plays Horatio: Ioan Gruffudd).

Pray! :)


Welsh actor IOAN GRUFFUDD is planning to make a big screen version of his TV hit series HORNBLOWER. The movie would also be a remake of the 1951 GREGORY PECK-starring classic CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER. Gruffudd, 33, made his name in the hugely successful mini-series, and is attempting to gain the rights to the books by C.S. FORESTER, despite the refusal of US network A+E, who produced the TV series, to fund the project.
Rotten A&E. They prefer reality shows like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to classics like the Hornblower novels. Bad move.

Gruffudd says, "I would love to play Hornblower again. I have a dream of playing him on the big screen and maybe doing a remake of Captain Horatio Hornblower, aka Gregory Peck. "A+E decided that since it's such an expensive venture to make these movies for television, they're not going to make any more at this point. So it's down to me, I think, to try to bring it back to life."
Yes, please, Ioan! I would love to see Hornblower on the big screen. They are beautifully done films, with excellent writing, acting, and everything else.

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Dapoppins said...

My friend Emma Sometimes told me all about the Hornblower movies. It would certainly be an event on the big screen.

Susan L said...

Be still my beating heart ... LOL I thought IG didn't want to make any more and to hear he wants to. Shame on A+E!

Lady Jane said...

I highly recommend both the films and the books, Dapoppins. They are excellent!

Oh, no, Susan, Ioan has said he would like nothing better than to film all the Hornblower novels, and show Hornblower as he grows older. I hope A&E will come to its senses!

Thanks for the comments!