Monday, February 19, 2007

I Certainly Fancy Mr. Darcy

What lady wouldn't?

But, one might ask, why is Mr. Darcy such an object of fascination?

Read Darcy Fancy for some answers!

If you have no idea who Mr. Darcy is, then shame on you! Get yourself a copy of Pride and Prejudice (the book, mind you!) and figure it out!


Dapoppins said...

Okay, at first I was "I don't like that new Darcy...He just isn't as...I don't know." and then at the end of the movie when he comes through the mist, I was all. "OH MY!"

Lady Jane said...

That is exactly what I thought before I saw P&P 2005. I went in to the theater expecting not much and came out floating. Matthew MacFadyen was excellent!

Aj said...

Cute article. I fell in love with Matthew MacFadyen almost instantly.. sigh.. I think tonite makes a good Darcy night.

Paula said...

Oh Mr. Darcy! Hubba Hubba!
I just loved that book. (and the movie was good also, but the book was so much better.)

By the way, great blog I had fun reading!

Lady Jane said...

Oh, the book is definitely much better than any movie could possibly be. Who wouldn't love Mr. Darcy?