Monday, April 14, 2008

Killer High Heels

Ah! I recently bought this pair of Worthington "London" high-heeled peep toes in blue patent at Penney's (and didn't notice until a couple of days later that they are called "London"!!!) and have tried to break them in a bit the last few days.

They are soooooooo tight! I feel like my feet are being bound in the way the Chinese used to make women bind their feet (and probably still do in some places). My poor littlest toes are squished and feel as though they are curled under.

Aren't they pretty, though? I love the blue color and the peep toe. Now if only my little toes could fit comfortably!

What methods do you use to break in new shoes?


Aj said...

method? Just suffer through the pain until they are broken in. I can't imagine you wearing those! HOT! lol..

Lady Jane said...

This would be too much suffering! lol I really like high heels, even though I don't need to be any taller!

Dapoppins said...

ummm. I want some in red and black and the blue. Not that I have anywhere to wear them, but they are very cute and worth the pain...for an hour or soo, and then off them come and it is back to bunny slippers for me.

Lady Jane said...

I know! I really like all the colors, but I didn't have any blue shoes. I have been putting them on for a bit and walking around and they seem to be a bit looser! :)