Friday, July 24, 2009

American Indie's Feature Interview: Bobby Long (And A Contest At the End!)

Absolutely awesome little interview with Bobby Long by our friend Sheena at the always amazing American Indie.

Sheena got to spend a few minutes with Bobby after his unannounced 3-song "gig" at The Library earlier this week and, as always, Bobby didn't disappoint!

They talked about his thoughts on the upcoming "Dangerous Summer Tour," the only person Bobby says he'd cover, how he would one-up Marcus Foster, and more! Sheena also wrote about the songs Bobby played that night and shared some fabulous pictures of Bobby.

Oh, yes, mustn't forget: go leave a comment on the interview and you could (with drinks on Sheena, Melanie, and Amy, from AI)!

So, go read visit the Land of Dreamers and read "Five Minutes and Three Songs with Bobby Long" and show Sheena & AI lots of love for covering the Boys!

Then, tweet & post the link to this post like crazy so people can stop by this LJ & read our awesome posts before heading over to American Indie!

Photo Courtesy Sheena Carmichael & American Indie
Photo used with permission from Sheena Carmichael and American Indie.
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