Friday, July 31, 2009


Right now I'm leaving on a jet plane, bound for Dallas, Texas, for what we at the Land of Dreamers are calling TexFest09! We're a group of fans who help promote & support English singer/songwriter boys Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley. They are amazing and we have an amazing time telling people about them.

All 3 are in Dallas for TwiCon, since they co-wrote songs that appeared on the Twilight Soundtrack, sung by their pal, and have some shows at other venues there and in Austin, so we decided it would be absolutely fabulous to all convene and meet & greet!

I can't believe I get to go! My lovely cousin gave me her frequent flyer miles and is letting me stay at her house in Austin! Such a miracle. I'm so grateful to her and to God. This is a dream trip.

I will be at Marcus' & Bobby's shows at Poor David's Pub tonight. Then, Saturday night is the coolest thing ever: Bobby, Marcus, & Sam all at Poor David's Pub. Sunday, we drive to Austin, where we will see Bobby & Marcus play again at Room 710 (Incidentally, their shows are the last shows at Room 710, which is closing.) Monday night, Sam plays at Stubbs BBQ. Tuesday afternoon, I fly home . . . exhausted, I am sure, and happy as ever!

I will be sure to post pictures & videos when I get home & get some sleep. This is going to be such a trip!

I'm actually very excited & quite nervous at this point. I haven't flown in about 7 years and this is my first big trip by myself (yes, at age 28). But, I cannot wait to meet all my fabulous LoD girls & Marcus, Bobby, & Sam. They are such sweethearts & truly gifted.

Please come visit us at the Land of Dreamers, visit the Boys at their MySpaces, and listen to some exquisite music! I'm very proud to be a Land of Dreamers member & support these Boys.

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