Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Marcus Foster IN Seattle!

I'm really excited that one of my favorite boys, Marcus Foster, will actually be performing in Seattle! When he finally posted the tour dates I was really glad to see he wasn't missing our corner of the country. He will be in Seattle on 7 December, at the Vera Project, and in Vancouver, BC, the following night, supported by Blue Roses at both venues.

I have been blessed to see Marcus perform live 3 times (and 1 other time when he played a bit of guitar for Sam Bradley) and I will never forget it. He's the most amazing live performer I have ever seen. I can't really describe why, though. Perhaps because he just puts it all out there on stage and never stops moving or using his voice and the guitar in different ways. Just phenomenal. He's also a lovely guy.

Marcus will be at the Vera Project in Seattle, a non-profit, all ages performing arts place which supports children's music programs. Tickets are ONLY $9 for an unbelievable night of music. Please come and invite all your friends who live in the Seattle area. Honestly, Marcus is unbelievable. Please come. More details HERE and tickets on sale HERE.

Please visit Marcus' MySpace to hear songs, watch videos, see pictures, and more.

Here's a video of one of my favorite live-performed songs, taken by my friend Tara (I was there!!!):

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