Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bobby Long returns to Seattle!!

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite singer/songwriters, Bobby Long, is returning to Seattle on 19 November and I cannot wait! He'll be performing at El Corazon, an all ages show. Tickets are $15 and available HERE.

Bobby's a very talented singer/songwriter/musician and his lyrics are more like poetry than most music today. That's one of my favorite things about his music. He tells stories with his songs and the passion and intensity of his love for music always comes through. I have seen him live 6 times and I don't think any number of live performances will ever be enough. Plus, he's an absolute sweetheart with a fabulous sense of humor.

Please come see Bobby Long live at El Corazon in Seattle, 19 November 2009. Seattle local Christina Cramer is one of the opening acts. More details HERE.

Visit Bobby's MySpace for more information, to listen to songs, and more!

Seriously, COME!!! He's AMAZING.

Here's a video of one of my favorites, taken by my friend Evie, the first time I saw Bobby perform live:

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