Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bobby!!!

Today's the birthday of one of my favorite singer/songwriter/musicians and a very lovely person, Bobby Long. I fell in love with Bobby's music at the end of last year. His lyrics are like poetry, like Keats, and often one has to think and sort of "claim" the meaning for oneself. Bobby's an amazing guitarist and, on his Dangerous Summer Tour the last few months, only got better and better. I am in awe of his abilities and his talent and his passionate intensity on stage. This is not to mention that he is an incredibly sweet guy with an hilarious sense of humor. I am blessed to be a fan of his and to have his music to listen to every day and to have spent some time with him. If you haven't yet, please visit his MySpace and listen to some of his music. He's got a gorgeous whiskey voice and you can't stop listening.

Happy Birthday, Bobby!!
I hope you avoid sharks, rashes, and mafia men!!

Love you like cheese, Bobby!! xx


Anonymous said...

Oh my - a blues artist I've never heard of. He can play, he can sing - he looks good. Love him love him love him!!

Lady Jane said...

Sorry I didn't see your comment before now. :) I need to get back to blogging here!!

He's amazing. I hope you can go see him live someday, whoever you are. :) He's a darling. Cheers! x