Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sam Bradley's EP is AMAZING!

So, last week, I planned to post new Sam Bradley EP posters every day, but I ended up going to Seattle with my cousin.

Saturday was a big day for one of my favorite musicians, Sam Bradley; It was his 23rd birthday (Happy Birthday, Sammy!) and the release of his first ever EP. I got mine as soon as the download was open. And I LOVE it.

Sam's EP can be found at Six amazing songs and a beautiful, bittersweet video (his 1st official video). I HIGHLY recommend it. Only $10.00 at the link!

The songs are:
1. Sea Blue (the song in his first video)
2. Eugene/You-Gan (love the sound!)
3. Derek (this is the song from which we at The Land of Dreamers got our name. So special to us. Thank you, Sam!!!)
4. Pretty Boy (such a fabulous sound)
5. Passport (hahaha, oh, Sam)
6. It Begins (this one gets stuck in my head)

Please go have a listen and tell everyone you know about Sam Bradley. He's an amazing singer/songwriter and a lovely, friendly person, as well.

I was blessed to finally meet Sam this past summer in Dallas, Texas. He gave me the biggest hug ever. When you talk to Sam you know he's listening because he has this intense stare focused only on you. He's hilarious. He's talented. He's adorable. And he's going to be big. So get the EP now and you'll be able to say "Remember when . . ."

You should go RIGHT NOW to and get Sam's EP. Then go to Sam's MySpace and become friends with him. And don't forget to follow him on Twitter at @samueltwitt1. He's hilarious.


leesew said...

Lovely Post Lady J... Lesya

Lady Jane said...

Thanks, Leysa!!

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