Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let it SNOW!

We are in the midst of a huge winter snowstorm! It has been snowing since yesterday and the roads are absolutely dreadful. Many schools in the area have already closed for tomorrow. We have had at least a foot.

It is beautiful outside, so I went out and took some pictures. Here are a couple. It was still snowing but you can't really tell and nor can you tell how deep it is.

So, to keep warm and cozy we are making Buffalo Chicken Chili, brewing hot tea or making cups of cocoa, cuddling up with blankets, and looking forward to watching Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End with yummy popcorn!

How would you spend a snow day?


Alicia said...

Wow! How beautiful the pictures are with the snow!! Sounds good to just cozy up!! Here in Ca, we have had tons and tons of rain!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Pictures Lady Jane! Thanks for sharing!!

If the Pirates movie is the third one, I thought it was boring and fell asleep! They could of just showed Johnny Depp and then it would be fine!!! LOL

Aj said...

We got a half inch today and they closed schools!! WIMPS over here in Seattle :)

Lady Jane said...

It is so beautiful outside! I took more pictures this afternoon/evening, but haven't loaded them on the computer yet. Thanks!

Yes, that's the 3rd Pirates movie and it is absolutely fantastic! You really ought to watch it again, Miss Paula! ;)

I didn't know Seattle got any snow. We had a snow day today and another tomorrow. Prep ACTUALLY did it!