Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations, Top Chef Stephanie!

Stephanie was the winner of Top Chef Season 4, beating out Richard and Lisa. Richard sort of had an off day, unfortunately, and Lisa a pretty good one. I felt terribly for Richard, who just didn't have his usual magic. Stephanie was great and I'm so glad that she won!

AP: 'Top Chef' cooks up a first - a female winner---

Stephanie Izard, a 31-year-old, mild-mannered chef from Chicago, beat out 15 other contestants to win the popular reality show designed to test a cook's mettle.

Izard, a former restaurant owner with a fondness for seafood and pork, was among the last three contestants to make Wednesday's finale, along with Lisa Fernandes of New York and Richard Blais of Atlanta.

Going into the finale, Blais appeared to be the favorite, but it was Izard who impressed the judges in the end to capture the title and $100,000 that goes with it.
And her menu:

Ultimately, Izard prevailed with her dishes of sauteed red snapper filet with truffled white asparagus and clam broth; seared quail breast with butter poached lobster ravioli and mango; lamb medallions with maitake mushrooms, olives and braised pistachios; and ricotta pound cake with lime glaze, pineapple and salted banana cream.
Stephanie was a gracious winner and deserved the title after being consistently good all season.

I just wish Richard had been on for this part of the finale. He was superb all season and it was so sad to see him a bit lost tonight. He seems like such a friendly man and talented chef. I'm sure there are only great things ahead for him! And I would love to eat at any restaurant of his (or Stephanie's).

Congratulations, Stephanie Izard!

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Aj said...

I didn't get to see the finale! Darn... Stephanie was consistant through the whole season and won numerous quick fires and challenges so she was very worthy.