Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Top Chef 4 Season Finale Begins Tonight!

What else is there to say? :)The first half of the Top Chef Season 4 Finale is on tonight at 10pm. The final four are Antonia, Richard, Stephanie, and Lisa. I love Antonia and like Richard a lot. Stephanie is pretty good. But, I absolutely detest Lisa! I don't know how she made it this far with that horrid attitude, greasy personality, and lackluster dishes.

I'm really excited to see the challenges they face tonight (and hopefully Lisa goes home!). They will be in Puerto Rico for this finale.

Who are you cheering for?


Aj said...

Now I'm really missing cable t.v. :( I don't like Lisa either.. I think she's only there because there's been someone who screwed up. Except she really screwed up the Asian soup and still didn't go home. Stephanie and Antonia are great... not sure why the guy is still there.. he's OK. Can you tape it for me??

Lady Jane said...

She screwed up repeatedly and was in the bottom 2 something like 6 times! Every time she would blame someone else and then that person would get sent home. I LOVED Antonia and I'm so mad she's gone! Richard is great. Oops, sorry!