Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Closer Returns!

Monday one of my favorite tv shows, The Closer, (official website with great stuff here) returns for its fourth season. I cannot wait! It has been an age since last season, with the writer's strike delaying its return by a month (compared to when the other seasons premiered).

I am looking forward to Brenda and her squad's new cases, personal stories, and her devotion to sugar and chocolate. The episodes are always superbly written and interesting.

Monday there will be reruns of last season on TNT, in case you missed them. I highly recommend this series and I know where I'll be at 9pm! Don't miss it!

After all, "Everyone has something to confess."

And, also Monday, Kyra Sedgwick will be on the Rachael Ray Show. She's a chocoholic, too, so she'll be doing a chocolate lover's challenge blindfolded. Looks like a great episode!

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