Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I am going out to the lake until Monday, but I could not leave without wishing our beloved nation a happy birthday. We are blessed to live in the most wonderful place in the history of the earth. Every day here is a precious gift from God.

We must remember to thank our most excellent military for their service and sacrifices. We would not be here without their blood, sweat, tears, and, sometimes, lives. Thank you to those who served in our military, those who serve in our military, and those who will serve in our military. God bless you all.

We must also remember to thank the families of those who serve in the military. Their dedication, sacrifices, and love allow our military men and women to fight on for freedom. Thank you to all the wives, husbands, parents, sisters, brothers, children, cousins, grandparents, and friends of our military. God bless you all.

Thank you to President Bush. Thank you to Vice-President Cheney. Thank you to the House of Representatives. Thank you to the U.S. Senate. Thank you to our Supreme Court and our other judges.

Thank you to all members of our government at the federal, state, and local levels. Thank you, as well, to our police and fire crews. They keep us safe and save lives every day.

Thank you to all who chose to exercise their rights by voting. We keep this country running, for better or for worse. Thank you to all who chose to exercise their freedom of religion---in a peaceful manner. Thank you to all who chose to exercise their right to bear arms---in a peaceful manner (until we must fight the good fight). Thank you to all who protect Life.

Thank you to our Founding Fathers, for creating this wonderful, beautiful nation. I hope it never vanishes from the face of the earth. Thank you for having the courage to sign a piece of paper that changed the world for good---for the best.

Thank you, my fellow Americans, for being here and making our economy run. For going to work every day. For raising families. For going to church. For loving this country. Let's keep America America.

Read the Declaration of Independence here.

Happy Birthday, America! Long may you live!

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans! May God bless us all!

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