Friday, June 12, 2009

Bobby, Marcus, & Sam Updates

Ok, so lately my music of choice (possibly drug of choice) has been 3 English singer/songwriter/musicians. They are amazing and I cannot get enough of their music or their lovely, witty personalities.

If you want to hear some good music visit these boys:

Bobby Long
Marcus Foster
Sam Bradley

Lots of links and I don't have time to properly format them right now, so this will have to do. I love these guys!!

First up, lots of Bobby news:

-After posting "Cold cold loving" on his MySpace yesterday, Bobby took it down by the end of the day. No word why yet, but lots of tears from the LoD Girls! :) Hopefully he's just going to put another, better version of it up. And as I was writing this Bobby's online on MySpace and just put it back up! So go listen & thank him for putting it up!!!

-New London July date up:

-Bobby sent a few tweets today & here are the links:

-A review of Bobby's music at an Indie blog: Please go leave a comment & tell them how much you love Bobby's music. And then repost the link as a MySpace bulletin or on Facebook.

-The big one of the day: An interview with RadarOnline. There's no place for comments, but there is a "Share it" button a the top that makes it easy to post the link everywhere. So do as many places as you can! :) (Oh, and stop by to say thanks for posting it too:,37&archive=&start_from=&)

-BUT the big LOD News of the Day is an email from Phil, which you can read here: Bobby's coming back Stateside for tons of dates all over from October-December, so start thinking of where he should come! Read the whole thing because there is lots of awesome, exciting info.
-Phil also asks us to go here and tell them Bobby will be in Germany in October & to book him for a show

Ok, I think that's the Bobby News for the Day.

Now, Marcus:
-I don't know if I sent this one yesterday, but here's a link to some clips of Marcus' show the other day:

-And, here are pictures from that performance: Use the link here to find the source of the pics & leave some comments on the pictures so they know how much we love our Marcus!

-This Saturday Marcus (and Phil, Bobby's manager) will be on Dreamers Radio on VampRadio. Details here at the LJ: Very exciting for us! He'll only be on for a bit, so no callers, but if you have a great question you can e-mail it using the address at the link. If you haven't listened before or you'll have to miss it, you can find the archives on iTunes. Free podcasts. Awesome. Go get the older shows because they are hilarious.

-Here are Marcus' latest Tweets: Marcus told us this morning that his ep will be on iTunes in 10 DAYS!!! Exciting! Go give him some love & tell him how much we're looking forward to it!

Finally, on to darling Sam:
-Not much news right now, as he's preparing to leave for his 3 month tour, but here are his latest tweets: Poor boy's car has broken down. He'll be in Nashville 3 July. With his band. Yay!

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