Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Emeril Live Cancelled!

This is sad. I am a huge Food Network fan and "Emeril Live" is the show that sort of put the channel on the map. If anything, they should cancel "Essence of Emeril." I really think he's better with the studio audience to play off of. This is a sad day!

AP: Food Network canceling `Emeril Live'---

NEW YORK - Food Network is kicking Emeril Lagasse down a notch.

The celebrity chef's "Emeril Live," which has been on the air for 10 years, will cease production Dec. 11, Food Network publicist Carrie Welch told The Associated Press.

"However, Emeril is under contract with Food Network," Welch said Tuesday. "We love him, we support him and look forward to a long partnership with him."

Welch wouldn't comment on Lagasse's contract.

Asked why the show was canceled, she told the AP: "The only reason would be that it hit a ton of television milestones and, you know, all good things come to an end."
FN will still show re-runs of "Emeril Live" and Emeril will still have "Essence of Emeril," and take place in FN Specials.


Anonymous said...

This is terrible news!! We like Emeril Live!! Tsk Tsk!

Anonymous said...

This is a huge mistake. We don't watch emeril live to watch re-runs, hence the "live". I have watched it for years and learned lots. Essence of Emeril is kind of blazae (sp), but Emeril Live is entertaining and educational. They Should cancel the people who came up with this idea, because it will certainly cost the network in the end.