Thursday, November 08, 2007

Win A Copy of The Lost Memoirs!

HarperCollins Publishers has two copies of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen (my review of this excellent novel is below!) to give away and you can win them here!

Here is how to win:

All you have to do is comment on this post and answer these two questions:

1. Which is your favorite Jane Austen novel? (If you haven't read one, you can list which one you want to read or which movie is your favorite.)

2. If you could have tea with Jane Austen, what is the first & most interesting question you would ask her?

You have until midnight on Wednesday, 14 November 2007, to enter. I will randomly choose two winners and then announce the names on this blog on Thursday, 15 November.

Good luck!

If you have a blog and would be so gracious as to post about this contest, please feel free to use the below graphic and link it back to this post. Thank you!

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adorato1 said...

1. Pride & Prejudice
2. Did you find true love like so many of your characters?

Lady Jane said...

Thanks for commenting! Great answers. P&P and Persuasion are my favorites. Good luck! :)

catherine said...

Hello !
This is so nice of you to do that :) I want to read this book very much, the reviews are good ! Interesting questions, too, here are my answers :

1. Northanger Abbey ( although Persuasion is a good solid second ) : I think that's the novel where her wit is the most enjoyable. She probably improved her writing style later on but I just love the freshness of it. Bath is a gorgeous city, her parody of The Mysteries of Udolpho is absolutely hilarious, Henry Tilney is the textbook definition of the perfect man and the twists in the plot amaze me each time I reread it. I read so many times that people think it's her weakest novel and I strongly disagree. To me that's her strongest because you just know she felt a sense of possibility when she wrote it. It bear much more resemblance to her juvenilia than to her other so-called " major works " ( I say so-called because her " minor works " are at least as good ). I'm IN LOVE with her juvenilia.

2. Why hello Jane :) I would like to know what advice you would have to give to women today. Our condition have much improved since Georgian times, and yet I feel like we all still need you very much today :)

By the way, Lady Jane, do you know ? It's a website where people asked questions to a few authors ( only dead ones ) and the author in question " answered" them ( Some experts answered the questions as if they were the author in question ). There's a whole section for Jane :) Your contest made me think of that !

Danielle said...

1) Persuasion. I love the wistfulness and longing, and the deep love between Anne and Wentworth.
2) How do you feel about the current depiction of you in Becoming Jane? I could see so many references to your books in what they portrayed as your real life. Were you insulted that the writers and producers apparently decided that you hadn't imagination enough to make up storylines and characters, and had to borrow them from "real life?"

Lady Jane said...

Catherine, thank you! I'm very excited to be having this contest, so tell all your internet friends! :) It is a fantastic book. Great answers! Northanger Abbey is hilarious. I absolutely love the description of Catherine at the beginning. And one of my friends is in love with Henry Tilney. He's so funny and wonderful. You make some excellent points about NA. I hadn't thought about it in that way, but I am glad to. I haven't heard of, but I will definitely have to visit! It sounds like fun. Thank you for mentioning it!

Danielle, I think you are absolutely right about Persuasion. It has this quality that I can't really put into words, but that I appreciate now that I am older than 20 (well, I'm 26). And fabulous question for Jane! I haven't seen the movie yet.

Thank you all for commenting! :) Good luck!

Lesha said...

Pride & Prejudice

Can you relate to any of your characters?

Nan said...

1)Persuasion is my favourite (so far)
2)So many of your letters were distroyed. Would you have wished them to have survived to let us know more about your life and give us a better insight to your writing?

Anonymous said...

1. I would say PERSUASION. I appreciated her heart.

2. In Becoming Jane there were some scenes that showed some improper scenes. Are you going to tell me that all people of the day were all prim and proper?

Lady Jane said...

Hooray! More entrants!

Lesha, great question! You all have such great questions!

Nan, fabulous question! How many JA books do you have left?

Miss Paula, lovely to see you! Excellent question! I still haven't seen the movie.

Thank you all for coming by and entering! I am quite delighted!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

1.Pride & Prejudice
2.How do you spend your day? Would you share with me the activities of a typical day and those from a day of adventure?

*Lady Jane, I found your blog through a review on Amazon

AndreaW said...

Cool contest! Okay, so here are my answers:

1. Emma (I enjoyed the chemistry between Emma and Knightley *sigh*)

2. Ms. Austen, are your heroes based on anyone in particular?


daisyaday said...

1. I would have to say Emma as well, although P&P is a close second.

2. I am not a fan of the graphic love scenes in many present day novels. What comments would you have for authors today in regard to these?

brownone said...

1. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite.
2. How do you feel about your popularity in modern times?

Lily said...

1. Pride and Prejucdice.
2. How did you get that bright idea of writing such an amazing book!

Mrs. Rabe said...

1. I love P&P and Emma. Am still waiting to read Persuasion, but I loved the movie.

2. If you could live the life of any of your characters, who would it be?

Lady Jane said...

Dawn-Enigma Artist, I'm so glad you visited from! I hope you will come back (and everyone else, too!). I would love to know what Jane considered to be adventure!

AndreaW, oooh, excellent question about JA heroes! In January 2006 I wrote a post about an article from the Jane Austen Centre related to that question. Apparently during the time Jane was writing, there was rogue in New South Wales named D'Arcy Wentworth who was related to a Lord Fitzwilliam. You can read the post here, if you are interested. I thought it was intriguing. Oh, and you should read Mr. Knightley's Diary because it tells that fabulous story from his p.o.v. I really liked it!

Daisyaday, I agree with your question for Jane. I find it more romantic that, for example, Lizzie and Darcy really don't even touch, let alone kiss, but their relationship is so deep despite that.

Brownone, do you think Jane would be shocked and embarrassed or delighted at her popularity? After all, she was known to hide her work whenever anyone came in the room. :) Don't you wish we could ask her?

Lily, wouldn't we like to know! Do you think she was inspired by her very brief fliration with Tom LeFroy? I think she was so brilliant that she couldn't help but write such a novel.

Mrs. Rabe, oh, you must read Persuasion! It is so achingly beautiful and mature. I adore the novel! And that is a fantastic question! Which character's life would you live?

Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to comment! I am so delighted!

Luthien84 said...

1. Persuasion because it is a more mature novel and different from her other books. More so since she wrote about getting a second chance in love.

2. Do you approve the various adaptation of your novels since most adaptations deviates from the original plot?

Kristi said...

Hooray! Picking just one Jane Austen novel is hard, but

1) Pride & Prejudice
2) Would you ever have expected your novels to become Classics?

So glad I found your blog!!!

Lady Jane said...

Luthien84, (Love your name!), that's why I love Persuasion so much! And I also wonder what she would think of the films (and of course, she would be amazed by films in general!). :)

Kristi, thank you! I am glad you discovered my blog, as well! While Persuasion and P&P are my favorites, whenever I read any of her novels I always feel like it is so close to being my favorite. It is hard to choose.


Katie said...

Oh! Contests are so diverting! :)

My favorite novel is Emma because it was my first ;)

And I would love to know if Miss Mary Bennet ever gets her claergyman :)