Monday, June 26, 2006

Seabathing and Brilliant Complexions

Did you know that Ladies and Gentlemen in the Regency period went seabathing?

Separately, of course!

It was thought to be quite beneficial for one's health. Surprisingly, many believed the best time to seabath was in the wintery months. Quite chilly!

You'll find a lovely little article on the topic here, from the Jane Austen Centre, in Bath, England.

Jane Austen lived in Bath for some time. It was a well known visiting spot for those in ill health, as they believed "taking the waters" would be of benefit. The Austens and many of Jane's characters visited seaside towns.

Of course, a lady must take steps to ensure her skin was not badly affected by too much sun. It isn't at all ladylike. To maintain a brilliant complexion, a lady in Jane Austen's time might have used one of these recipes from the 1811 book The Mirror of Graces, which I have long desired to own! :)

As I got a bit of a sunburn at the lake on Sunday, I should try one of these recipes. Perhaps it will help!

I also suggest visiting Home Sweet Spa for some lovely spa recipes.

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Christine said...

You know two of my favorite books by Jane Austen are Sense and Sensibility and Emma...Thanks for the mention. I'm be posting some more all this week! :P

Lady Jane said...

I love Sense and Sensibility and Emma too! And the others too, of course! :) My absolute favorite will always be Pride and Prejudice. How can any woman not fall in love with Mr. Darcy?

You are most welcome! I will be sure you check back. Do you have anything for sunburns? lol

Thank you for visiting!