Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

Most people are excited when Pumpkin season comes around, but sometimes, one can only make so many pumpkin pies or pumpkin bread (which I am currently eating, toasted warm and buttery).

Luckily, the internet holds countless pumpkin recipes to break you out of a rut.

And, conveniently, Yahoo gathered 30 Ways To Eat A Pumpkin. Yummy! I have a great pumpkin cheesecake recipe, a delicious pumpkin gingerbread recipe, and a couple of fabulous pumpkin scones recipes. What I would love to try making is pumpkin pancakes. Delicious!

What do you like to make with pumpkin?

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Christina (ravenous roguette) said...

Ooh, you're making me hungry! I love pumpkins. I need to make some pumpkin bead too.

Pumpkin pancakes? Sounds really good!

Lady Jane said...

They are really good! I had some at a restaurant last week.

aj said...

mmm toasted pumpkins seeds.. num