Monday, October 16, 2006

St. Hedwig

Most people know the name "Hedwig" from the Harry Potter novels (Harry's owl is named Hedwig), but there was a Saint Hedwig.

Today, 16 October, is the Feast Day of Saint Hedwig.

Saint Hedwig was the

Daughter of the Duke of Croatia. Aunt of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Married Prince Henry I of Silesia and Poland in 1186 at age 12. Mother of seven. Cared for the sick both personally and by founding hospitals. Widow. Upon her husband's death, she gave away her fortune and entered the monastery at Trebnitz.
She is the Patron Saint of:

Bavaria; Berlin, Germany; brides; duchesses; death of children; difficult marriages; diocese of Görlitz, Germany; Silesia; victims of jealousy; widows
More on St. Hedwig:
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