Friday, June 30, 2006

To A Pirate A$$

Happy Birthday, Aunt Carol!

And in honor of your birthday, your favorite:

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Summertime!

These are some of the things I plan to do this summer.

1. Read, read, read! Reading is my favorite thing to do. I have the new
Julia Quinn Novel. I want to re-read the Harry Potter books (again). I want to read a number of the classics and history books I have on my shelves.

2. Enjoy reruns of two of my favorite shows: 24 and House and new episodes of one of my other favorites: The Closer.

3. Spend lots of time at
the lake.

4. See
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest repeatedly! I love the first movie and the 2nd one looks absolutely fabulous. I saw a trailer for it today and wanted to scream with excitement!!! I already have tickets for the 11:59pm showing on 6 July. It is going to be great!

5. Celebrate my favorite secular holiday, Independence Day!!!

6. Get a nice tan, but no more sunburns!

7. Exercise and lose some weight.

8. Do more writing at my blogs:
A Lady's Ruminations and A Lady's Diversions (this one).

9. Help my mother clean out the house (which means going through childhood toys and things.).

10. Get better organized! I tend to stack things up.

11. Finish my Wuthering Heights shawl for this month's
Knit the Classics project.

12. Do lots of cooking, especially using recipes from
Rachael Ray, my favorite person from the Food Network.

13. Enjoy myself!

What are your plans for this summer?

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Goodbye to the Bridgertons

Today the last book in one of my favorite romance series came out in stores. I don't remember when I first discovered Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series, but I adore it.

On the Way to the Wedding is Gregory, the youngest Briderton's, story. It sounds as though it will be delightful.

If you have never read one of Julia Quinn's novels, you are in for a treat. They are delightful, funny, and sweet. I loved getting to know all the Bridgerton siblings, their mother, and the rest of the assorted potential spouses and extra characters. The fact that the books are set in my favorite period, the Regency, makes them that much better.

You can read the first chapter, and a lot more about the book, here.

The Bridgerton books, in order, are:

-Daphne: The Duke And I
-Anthony: The Viscount Who Loved Me
-Benedict: An Offer From A Gentleman
-Colin: Romancing Mister Bridgerton
-Eloise: To Sir Phillip, With Love
-Francesca: When He Was Wicked
-Hyacinth: It's In His Kiss
-Gregory: On the Way to the Wedding

My favorite is Romancing Mister Bridgerton, featuring Colin Briderton and Penelope Featherington. Love it! I think I even have two copies. I really want this "Mrs. Bridgerton" mug. Mrs. Colin Bridgerton, of course!

I cannot believe the series is over. It will be quite sad to finish this last one, but I know I can always read them again (and do!).

Julia Quinn also wrote novellas in two anthologies featuring one of her "characters" from the Bridgerton books:

-The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown
-Lady Whistledown Strikes Back

I highly recommend these books. They are perfect for summer reading (or any time of the year, really). I am quite looking forward to becoming absorbed in On the Way to the Wedding.

Do excuse me.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

At Least Two Die!!!

I was quite excited, thrilled, and shocked to see this on the front of the Yahoo Page.

Harry Potter News!!!

Reuters: Rowling to kill two in final Potter book---

LONDON (Reuters) - Children's author J.K. Rowling has revealed that at least two characters will die in the seventh and final installment of her bestselling Harry Potter series, but was careful not to say who.

Children and adults are expected to rush and buy the final Harry Potter novel in their tens of millions when it is complete, and if the publication of the sixth book is anything to go by, secrecy surrounding the plot will be tight.
I know I will certainly be in line to get one before it comes out. I am anxious to see how the story ends, and, at the same time, I dread finishing the series and seeing the end of beloved (possibly?) characters.
Rowling has already said that the final chapter of the seventh book was written long ago.

"The final chapter is hidden away, although it's now changed very slightly," she said in an interview broadcast on Monday on Britain's Channel 4. "One character got a reprieve, but I have to say two die that I didn't intend to die."

When asked to be more specific, she added: "No, I'm not going to commit myself, because I don't want the hate mail or anything else."

She did explain that she understood an author's desire to kill off the main character of a successful series.

"I've never been tempted to kill him (Harry) off before the end of book seven, because I always planned seven books and that's where I want to go.

"I can completely understand, however, the mentality of an author who thinks 'Well, I'm going to kill them off because that means there can be no non-author-written sequels ... so it will end with me, and after I'm dead and gone they won't be able to bring back the character'."
Does that mean she's going to kill Harry off in book 7? Or that she thought of it, but decided against it?!?

Then there is what she says in this AFP article:

Speaking on Monday evening, Joanne Kathleen Rowling, 40, said she was well on the way to finishing the eagerly-awaited seventh Potter book.

"I wrote the final chapter in something like 1990, so I've known exactly how the series is going to end," she told a chat show on Channel 4 television.

"The final chapter is hidden away although it's now changed very slightly. One character got a reprieve. But I have to say two die that I didn't intend to die," Rowling said.

"A price has to be paid, we are dealing with pure evil here. They don't target extras, do they? They go for the main characters -- well, I do."
I completely agree about the pure evil and that evil doesn't target the extras. I just hope that Harry doesn't have to pay the price. He's paid so much already. And I don't want Ron or Hermione to die. Or Ginny. Or Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Or Fred and George. Etc., etc., etc.

Movie 5, based on my favorite of the first six novels, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be out in theaters 13 July 2007! That's only a year!

And could book 7 be released about the same time?
As for the seventh and final chapter in Harry's increasingly dark odyssey, Britain's most famous (and wealthiest) author has confirmed she has started writing the story. But according to U.K. publisher Bloomsbury, the currently untitled tome won't hit bookstores until 2007 at the earliest. Our guess is it will be on shelves just in time for a certain movie opening.
I don't know if that would be a smart thing. If, let us say, Harry or another big favorite dies, fans will not be in the most forgiving mood (I know I won't). I am sure that would affect ticket sales. It would be better to release the book after the movie.

(Crossposted at A Lady's Ruminations)

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An Aussie Wedding

I generally do not gush about celebrities (usually only about my favorite authors!), but I wanted to post about this.

If you don't know already, this weekend Keith Urban (one of my favorite country singers) married movie star Nicole Kidman in their homeland of Australia. It was a traditional Catholic ceremony (I'm Catholic too and I think that is the loveliest thing).

You will find a lovely picture of the bride and groom here. Nicole looks absolutely beautiful.

Keith performed his lovely song "Making Memories of Us" at the reception for his bride and brought all to tears.

Congratulations, Keith, and Best Wishes, Nicole!

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Seabathing and Brilliant Complexions

Did you know that Ladies and Gentlemen in the Regency period went seabathing?

Separately, of course!

It was thought to be quite beneficial for one's health. Surprisingly, many believed the best time to seabath was in the wintery months. Quite chilly!

You'll find a lovely little article on the topic here, from the Jane Austen Centre, in Bath, England.

Jane Austen lived in Bath for some time. It was a well known visiting spot for those in ill health, as they believed "taking the waters" would be of benefit. The Austens and many of Jane's characters visited seaside towns.

Of course, a lady must take steps to ensure her skin was not badly affected by too much sun. It isn't at all ladylike. To maintain a brilliant complexion, a lady in Jane Austen's time might have used one of these recipes from the 1811 book The Mirror of Graces, which I have long desired to own! :)

As I got a bit of a sunburn at the lake on Sunday, I should try one of these recipes. Perhaps it will help!

I also suggest visiting Home Sweet Spa for some lovely spa recipes.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: In Memory of Dani

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thirteen Things about In Loving Memory of Dani

I have been meaning to do this, but the thought has been too painful. I miss my baby girl so very much that my eyes are full of tears as I write this. I was going to put more pictures than the above with this, but I cry too much when I look at them all, and there are too many to choose from. I will, perhaps, put some up some day, but not yet.

1. Dani was our beloved dog. She was born on 13 May 1998, we got her on 13 July 1998, and she went to play with God on 2 June 2006, after a 9 month battle with cancer. Our first dog, Lucy, died on 9 May 1998 and we waited unti summer to get another dog. We got Dani at the first place we looked. We knew immediately that she was the one for us. We got her a teal-ish collar and it has been her color ever since. I will miss her forever.

2. Dani was an Australian Cattle Dog-German Shepherd mix. She was about the size of an Australian Cattle Dog, but looked more like a German Shepherd. Except, her ears were not so very German Shepherd. Her ears were so very expressive. Sometimes one would stick up really high. Sometimes she would have both up. Sometimes she would have them back. Sometimes they would flap in the wind when we took her on rides. When we went on walks, they would bounce along with her tail. She had the most beautiful, most soft reddish fur on her ears. Her tail was so gorgeous too, soft and long. Whenever I followed her up the stairs I would run my hand over it. When she was a puppy, her Australian Cattle Dog instincts were very strong. She would try to herd us! She would nip at our heels, especially my sister's. And she could jump! Right up on top of the picnic table. I will miss playing with her ears and tail.

3. Dani loved food, especially meat. Some of her favorites were Cadbury Mini-Eggs, the excellent beef jerky from a local butcher shop, bananas, Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy's, and ice cream. Once my mother caught her pulling a bag of Mini-Eggs of the table in the tv room and then scarfing a bunch up. Whenever we had any out she would watch us intently. If she was sleeping, she would suddenly awaken and put her head up. She loved the Egger's beef jerky so much. She once stole a large piece off the napkin on my leg. Another time we got some for my dad for his birthday and tucked it with some of the other gifts. When we got the gifts out, Dani kept sniffing and sniffing the clothing. It took us awhile to figure out that she smelled beef jerky on them. When she was little she really liked bananas. Once I was home alone and she was sleeping in the back room. I pulled a banana off the fridge and she came running. Ice cream was her favorite treat. We always let her lick the bowls, cartons, and fast food containers, after we finished. Her eyes would get a very intense gleam and she looked rather scary. It was so very adorable and funny. After she got cancer we began giving her her own ice cream. She would get so excited whenever we got the carton out. I will miss sharing my food with her.

4. Dani loved to go on walks. If anyone touched the cupboard where her leash was kept, even to get out the dust mop, she would be there right away. Then, she would follow the person around with such excitement in her eyes. She and I had our own little route. She knew right where to go. I couldn't come downstairs in certain clothes or shoes, or go over by my discman, without her thinking it was time for a walk. We couldn't even say the word "Walk" without her perking up. When someone got the leash out, she would jump up on that person and bark for joy. Even after she got cancer, she would pull so hard on her leash and sniff everything. Sometimes it took forever to move her along the path. Sometimes she would just go over to the cupboard, sit down, and look up at it. She would nudge her nose at the cupboard door. How could anyone resist? I will miss taking walks with her.

5. Dani loved to sleep, especially in the lap of luxury! She loved blankets, pillows, pads on the floor, couches, and beds. She had her own little pillow and her own blankets (we spoiled her terribly). Yet, she still loved using ours. If my mother stretched out on the love seat in the tv room, Dani would go over and expect to get up on one half. My sister always moved over or off for Dani! Sometimes she would just be back there by herself, sleeping. Sometimes she would take herself up to take a nap or go to bed on my parents' bed, most especially on my mother's pillow. On occasion I would go into the back tv room and find Dani sleeping on a huge pile of blankets or on top of the pillows on top of the couch, in the oddest ways! If anyone was sleeping on the couch or the floor, Dani made it her business to say hello! If someone was staying at our house, and we were setting up a bed on a floor, Dani would always climb on and impede our ability to put the sheets on. She thought it was her new bed! Once, I was sitting on the couch, towards the middle, next to my dad. There was a pillow on my left. My mother was on the love seat and my sister on the floor. I got up to get something in another room. When I came back, Dani was in my spot. I picked her up, took her over to the open spot on the loveseat, and started back to my spot. She beat me to it! I picked her up and put her back again. I sat down in my spot. Dani came over and climbed up on to the pillow beside me and just glared. It was hilarious. She would go up to bed early with my mother and then not come down until late morning. I will miss her hogging the couch and finding her sleeping everywhere.

6. Dani loved to play with her toys. Sometimes on walks she would find tennis balls over by the university's tennis courts. She was so proud to come home with one. Sometimes she would take great pleasure in pulling the fuzz off of one or tossing it for herself. Sometimes she would have fun throwing it down the stairs and then running after it. She loved it when we would throw one in the back yard or at the playground for her or down the hall. She would run through the middle of the back yard, but, because of her cattle instincts, she always went to one of the sides to come back. It was so funny. Whenever she was finished playing, she would just lay down or not bring the ball back. Another of her favorite toys was plastic milk jugs! Actually, plastic bottles of any kind. She would steal them out of the recycling bin. It was hilarious to hear and watch her run around with a milk jug. It made such a funny noise and she just loved batting them around! She had lots of other toys: her plastic hot dogs (the first of which we have only a tiny tip of left---she chewed the rest to bits), her squeaky Old Navy bones, her other toy balls, her ropes, and the stuffed animal the wonderful people at the animal hospital gave her when she went into remission. She loved it when we stuck a tennis ball into an old sock and tied a knot. We would play tug with her or she would chew on it or fling it around. Sometimes, with the stuffed animal, the ball in the sock, or the ropes she would grab a hold and shake her head around like she was trying to kill it. We always wondered why she didn't stop when she hit herself in the head. I suppose it was just too much fun. It was amazing the way she knew where they all were. She would stick one some place and find it there weeks later. I will miss playing with her toys with her and seeing them every where.

7. Dani had sooooo many nicknames. They constantly evolved, but we always called her by the old and new ones. First, she was named for one of our favorite baseball players, former Mariners' catcher Danny Wilson. One of her first nicknames was "Devil Dog." When we got her she seemed so quiet. Boy, were we wrong! She had soooooo much energy! She would race around the house when we got home from work or school and let her in. She bounced off sofas and ran around in circles. Outside she would race around and then charge you and then dart off and go around again. Often, when she was little, she would look at you with a gleam in her eyes and then steal something from the garbage can or from the clean laundry that was being folded or your shoe or whatever. Then she would look at you and dart off down the hall. We would run after and chase her round and round the sofa. It was impossible to catch her! You would finally get something back and she would steal something else. Such a little devil! Other nicknames included: Dan-Dan, Daniella, Baby-ella, Little Baby-ella, Dan, Danner, Dan-Doll, Dolly, Danimal, Dani the Dog-faced Dog, Bobo the Clown Dog, Bobo, Tubby, Tub-Tub, Tubber, Puppy Wuppy, Pupper, Hairface, Furface, Dogface, Baby Dog, and so many more that I can't even think of right now. I will miss calling her by name.

8. Dani was a Pirate Dog! She had the loveliest black around her eyes (not the fur, but her eyelids, etc.), just like Captain Jack Sparrow! Last Halloween she dressed up as a pirate, with her own pirate hat, neck scarf, and monkey! She wasn't too please by the hat, I can tell you! But we got some good pictures. (You can see them here.)

9. We could never stay mad at Dani (see "Devil Dog" stories in #7). Once, when she was a little dog, she got in trouble for something and my dad put her out in the back yard. A short time later someone let her in. My dad was standing in the kitchen. Dani ran in and nipped at his foot and ran out of the room. It was absolutely hilarious and the story still makes me laugh! She never got mad either. Even if she was acting snappish, I would put my hand out and she would just lick it. The only person she would bite was my sister. They always got in trouble together. The only furniture Dani wasn't allowed on were the nice sofas in the front living room. She never got on them, really, until after she got cancer. My mother had, in emotion after learning of the diagnosis, declared that Dani could go where ever she wanted. After we started treatments and Dani was just fine, she said Dani didn't need to go up there. My sister, however, took it to heart and started putting Dani up there. One week, Dani just started going up on the couch on her own! We would look out and see her climbing up or already situated. And the thing was, she wouldn't get down! It was hilarious, but we had to be firm. My sister was scolded, but she still did it secretly. The truth came out after Dani went to play with God and we all had a good laugh. We could always tell she had been up there because of the warm spots! I will miss her getting up there!

10. Dani was afraid of little dogs and little kids, especially babies! She was quite a baby herself! Wind, thunder, pots and pans, and a sheet of paper falling down all scared her. She would cower under tables or come to you with her "tail tucked" (as my sister would say) and ears back, or hide in the bathroom or my parents' room. Sometimes we would put her on our laps (she wasn't a tiny dog!). Some of the things she was scared of were soooo silly, but she was scared just the same! On garbage day, she would make a big show, barking at the truck. But, when it came to our garbage can, she would retreat to the far side of the yard or her dog house, still barking. So tough! Sometimes a bird would be in the yard or someone would be going down the alley and Dani would just lay there or go about her business. If one of us looked out and she saw us, she would start barking as though to prove she was doing her job. Even if she was inside when the garbage truck came, she would run into the kitchen and bark her head off. Nothing would silence her! She would often run the length of the fence, barking all along, just to make her point. I will miss her fear and her courage.

11. Dani was always happy to see us. Even if I had been upstairs for an hour, she would wag her tail like mad and look so excited. When she was a puppy she would come in and wake us up in the mornings by jumping on our beds. The day after my high school senior all nighter, I was sleeping on the fold out couch in the bed because my sister's friend was using my bed. Dani burst through the door at least 3-4 different times and woke me up. It was adorable. Whenever she was happy to see us she would either rub up against us or rub her head on our legs. Sometimes she got excited when people were sitting next to each other and she would go under our legs and rub and then go around and do it again and again. It was so sweet. Whenever we left, she would either have her head out the fence or be looking out the front window. The smudge marks are still there. Sometimes she would bark when we left. She was always happy when we came back. I will miss her joy at seeing me.

12. Dani loved to play out in the yard with us. If my dad was watering the lawn, Dani would bark furiously at the hose and enjoyed getting sprayed by the water. She thought she could chase it. When she was a puppy and my mother was pulling weeds, Dani would grab the weeds from the pile and spread them all over the yard. She used to throw her tennis ball out the fence for our old neighbor to throw back in. One of her favorite spots was right behind the dog house. It was sort of shady there. Her favorite spot, however, was right on top of the picnic table! She would jump up there and sleep or survey her territory. It was always fun to look out the back door window and see her up there. She loved it. I will miss playing with her in the back yard.

13. Dani is now with God. She is playing with our first dog Lucy and is so happy and carefree. No more vet visits (though we have the greatest vet and animal hospital in the world), no more needles, no more thunderstorms. I thank God every day for her presence in my life. She was one of hte greatest gifts he could have given us. We will miss her every day of our lives, but we know we will meet her (and Lucy) again at Rainbow Bridge.


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Saturday, June 17, 2006

La Grande Georgette

Over a year ago I finally found Georgette Heyer novels. They are simply fantastic. I have long been a fan of novels set in the Regency Period of England's history. A few times, while browsing at the library, I came across some of Georgette's novels, but could never get into them.

Then, one day, I brought home The Convenient Marriage and was completely hooked. Since that day I have been a huge Georgette Heyer fan. Her novels are absolutely delightful, witty, interesting, and populated with the grandest characters.

Unfortunately, some of her novels can be difficult to find. I was so very delighted when I came across about 7 hardcover editions at a library sale last April. I almost fainted from joy! I have found a few paperbacks since then, but that was a treasure.

I finished The Grand Sophy, which was lent to me by Audrey, who taught me to knit, the other day and have picked up my copy of Arabella. I am not very far into it, as I have had other things I needed to do, but I am, of course, loving it. All I wanted to do was lay about and read Georgette Heyer novels.

I love all the books I have read so far, but I do have my absolute favorites:
-The Corinthian
-Regency Buck
-These Old Shades
-Devil's Cub
-The Nonesuch

If you have never read a Georgette Heyer novel, but like Jane Austen, I highly recommend you look in your library for some Heyers. They are exquisitely crafted and will bring a smile to your face!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen!

(I'm afraid I lost which site I got this header from. If you visit and recognize it, I would appreciate you letting me know! :) Thanks!)

Thirteen Things about Old Glory
(With some information from Woman Honor Thyself)

June 14 is Flag Day here in the United States and 13 June is the birthday of the United States Army. Therefore, it is appropriate to honor both with this Thursday Thirteen about our beloved flag.

1. Old Glory was "born on" June 14, 1777, in Philadelphia.

2. The thirteen stripes alternating red and white, with a union of thirteen white stars in a field of blue, represented a new constellation, a new nation dedicated to the personal and religious liberty of mankind.

3. Today fifty stars signal from its union, one for each of the fifty sovereign states in the greatest constitutional republic the world has ever known.

4. The red stripes proclaim the fearless courage and integrity of American men and boys and the self-sacrifice and devotion of American mothers and daughters.

5. The white stripes stand for liberty and equality for all.

6. The blue is the blue of heaven, loyalty, and faith.

7. The flag is normally flown from sunrise to sunset.

8. There is a very special ceremony for retiring the flag by burning it. It is a ceremony everyone should see.Your local Boy Scout group knows the proper ceremony and performs it on a regular basis. If you have an old flag, give it to them. And, attend the ceremony.

9. Inspired by the British bombardment of Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key penned the lyrics to our national anthem as he witnessed the event as British rockets whizzed in the air while our American Flag flew in the breeze.

10. After a tragedy or death, the flag is flown at half staff for 30 days. It's called "half staff" on land, and "half mast" on a ship.

11. Want to know how the Stars and Stripes became known as "Old Glory"? You will find it here.

12. When the American flag is folded, each fold represents something. You can find out here. It is a very moving ceremony, full of beautiful meaning.

13. The Pledge of Allegiance: I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

America's Only Tea Plantation

I want to visit here!

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Spicy Ginger Marinade

It is Sunday, time for a lovely Sunday dinner with the family. I came up with this marinade when I had a recipe I wanted to use, but not all of the ingredients. So, I substituted and it came out very well, if I do say so myself. :) It is really good on chicken and vegetables, especially when you grill the food. It would be very good served with rice, but I usually make this Rachael Ray recipe for oven fries. As Rach would say, "Yummo!"

Spicy, tangy, and really delicious! :)

Spicy Ginger Marinade
Great on chicken and vegetables, and as a dipping sauce. I don’t really measure the ingredients, but I will list some basic amounts. Use what suits your tastes. This recipe is easy to double, triple, etc.

At least:
½ cup sweet and sour or teriyaki sauce
¼ cup water, or more, depending on how thick or thin you want it
1 1/2 tsp. sesame seeds (toasted, if desired)
¼ tsp. ground ginger (to taste)
Several dashes of a hot sauce
A few dashes of sesame oil, if desired
1-2 cloves garlic, finely minced

Desired amount of chicken and/or vegetables
Olive Oil

In a small saucepan, combine the above ingredients (excluding the chicken/vegetables and olive oil). Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. Reduce heat and simmer for about 3 minutes, with the lid on. (You can also turn the heat to low and leave for a longer period of time. This marries the flavors even more.)

If grilling the chicken, pour portion of marinade into a separate bowl and brush the chicken with the marinade in the last 5 or so minutes of grilling, so the chicken does not get too charred. Otherwise, marinate chicken and cook as usual. Place vegetables in dish and pour some marinade over them. Turn to coat the vegetables evenly. I like to add some olive oil to this. It helps them grill well. Otherwise, cook as desired. Use whatever portion desired as dipping sauce. Just make sure you keep that portion separate from the chicken and vegetables.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

My Pride and Prejudice Shawl

I have had my Knit the Classics Pride and Prejudice Shawl done for about a week and a half. I meant to download them, but we had to put our dog to sleep last Friday and there were pictures of Dani on the camera, pictures from before we went into the animal hospital (before she went to play with God). I could not bear the thought of taking them off the camera, because then I would have to see them.

It has been a week and I managed to look at some of the pictures, so I thought I could put my shawl pictures in a post.

I decided to create a very simple shawl, because Lizzy Bennet would have preferred such a thing. Lizzy likes to take walks and it would be the perfect light cover. I used Red Heart Yarn, because it is inexpensive and washable, something which the Bennet girls, not being rich, would have used. The colors are Windsor Blue and Aran. I knit five stripes of the Aran, a sort of creamish color, to represent the five Bennet sisters: Jane, Lizzy, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. Two stripes are bigger and represent Lizzy and Jane, because they are the most sensible of the sisters, play the largest parts in the novel, and are my favorites. The pattern was pretty simple. If anyone would like it, I can post it here.

I plan to use it at the lake this summer.

Next up is another of my favorite novels, Wuthering Heights. I really like shawls and think one would be perfect for this novel. I need to figure out what I want to do regarding pattern. I am going to use a grey yarn.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Do Excuse My Lack of Posting

I will probably not be posting much (if at all) today or the next few days. We have to put our beloved dog, Dani, to sleep at 4:30pm. One of the cancer drugs is bad on the heart, and Dani is going into congestive heart failure. We do not want her to suffer.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you.
Lady Jane and family

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things: Some of Lady Jane's Favorite Poets
(My Thirteen Favorite Poems is another list)

Who are your favorites? I lean quite heavily, as you can probably tell, to the English poets, most particularly the Romantics.

1. Alfred, Lord Tennyson---My absolute favorite poet.
2. William Wordsworth
3. George Gordon, Lord Byron
4. John Keats
5. William Butler Yeats
6. Matthew Arnold
7. Percy Bysshe Shelley
8. Emily Bronte---Did you know she wrote poems too?
9. Robert Burns
10. Thomas Gray
11. Christina Rosetti
12. Christopher Marlowe
13. And, of course, William Shakespeare

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