Thursday, September 14, 2006

Don't Lose That!!!

What a near miss for Book 7! Can you imagine if it had been lost?!?!

AP: J.K. Rowling challenges airport security---

LONDON - J.K. Rowling says she won an argument with airport security officials in New York to carry the manuscript of the final "Harry Potter" book as carry-on baggage. Had security agents not relented, the British author said on her Web site, she might not have flown.

"I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't — sailed home probably," she wrote. The posting was dated Wednesday.

The 41-year-old author had participated in an Aug. 1 book reading for charity with fellow writers Stephen King and John Irving. Security was drastically tightened after Aug. 10 when British police said they had intercepted a plot to blow up U.S.-bound airliners.

"The heightened security restrictions on the airlines made the journey back from New York interesting, as I refused to be parted from the manuscript of book seven.

"A large part of it is handwritten and there was no copy of anything I had done while in the U.S."

Eventually, she added, "They let me take it on, thankfully, bound up in elastic bands."
How much damage would a manuscript do???

Also, this tidbit:

Rowling said she was still considering two possible titles for the last of the boy wizard's adventures.

"I was quite happy with one of them until the other one struck me while I was taking a shower in New York," she wrote.

"They would both be appropriate, so I think I'll have to wait until I'm further into the book to decide which one works best."
Can't wait to know!

You can find J.K.'s website here.

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Stephanie said...

I read about this too & it made me nervous just thinking about it! There are so many stories about manuscripts being left behind...

I've been enjoying the lovely chocloate you sent. Thanks again!

Lady Jane said...

Ahh!! Nothing can happen to Book 7's Manuscript! I am sure J.K. keeps it well in hand, but scary anyway!

I am glad you are enjoying the chocolate. I hope it wasn't too melty.

Thanks for the comments!