Wednesday, September 06, 2006

House Rules Its Opening Night

E-Online: A Very Hot "House"---

Scurvy hasn't been this big since the Great Famine.

The third-season premiere of House, featuring a diagnosis of the vitamin C deficiency, was watched by an estimated 19.4 million, Fox said Wednesday.

The Tuesday opener was up 22 percent from last year's kickoff, and up 13 percent from last year's overall season average.
[. . .]
Come October, however, most of the [Fox's] series, House included, will be off the air for a full month, waiting out the baseball playoffs and World Series.

If the sports-induced hiatus doesn't break its momentum, House could emerge as TV's top-rated medical series. Last season, in a close race, it was beat out for the title by Grey's Anatomy. But this fall, ABC's M.D. entry is moving to a new night and time opposite CSI, TV's top-rated anything not called American Idol.
The next new episode of House airs on Tuesday, 12 September at 8pm on Fox.

Official House site here. Lots of great stuff, including fabulous "House-isms."

Blogs for House

Season 2 came out on DVD on 22 August.

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Jill said...

Yum! House rocks. I really enjoy that show. Who says a crabby pill addicted doctor cant draw a crowd?

I find it a little annoying when Fox and USA move their shows around so much. Just when I get really involved here comes the hiatus.

Have you seen Hugh Laurie on Bravo's The Actor's Studio? Very interesting. Hugh is very funny!

Lady Jane said...

I love House's personality! He's refreshingly unsympathetic and "himself." :)

I agree about how annoying it is when the shows get moved around so often! I do understand the hiatus for the World Series, but then I hope Fox keeps House at 9pm on Tuesdays, rather than this 8pm time slot.

I haven't seen Hugh Laurie on Inside The Actor's Studio, but my sister has and she says it is hilarious. He does seem to be a very hilarious person!

Thanks so much for the great comments! Always great to "meet" another House fan!

Aj said...

I cannot wait until it starts again. I am enjoying the reruns which are new to me!

Lady Jane said...

Trisha has the dvds for both the 1st and 2nd seasons and we can watch them over and over and still laugh. Hilarious!