Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Which Wallflower Are You?

I finally took the "Wallflower" Quiz at romance novelist Lisa Kleypas' website (You can take it here.

My results were as follows:

You're most like:

Lillian Bowman

You are high-spirited and stubborn to a fault, but also loyal and extremely loving. You secretly long for a man whose strong will is a match for your own. People tend to tread lightly around you, to avoid provoking your infamous temper.

You would rather have a few, very close friends rather than a wide circle of lesser known acquaintances. However, you will go to any length to protect and help the ones you love. And when the right man comes along, you and he will be the most powerful pairing imaginable. Get ready for fireworks!

Best trysting place : outside in a rose-filled garden
Most flattering color: blue
Best Feature: your long, well-toned legs
If you don't know who the "Wallflowers" are, then you should read Lisa Kleypas' Wallflower Quartet Series:

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