Sunday, July 15, 2007

Next Food Network Star: Vote for Amy!

The only reality tv show I watch is really more of a competition: The Next Food Network Star. There is only one episode left, next Sunday night, 22 July, at 9pm.

There are two competitors left, Amy (my favorite since the beginning!) and Rory. You can vote twice a day until Tuesday July 17 at 9am/8c, once a day online and again with your cell phone. Read the rules, see videos of the contestants, and vote here.

Vote for Amy!

Photo: Food Network

She's a stay-at-home mother and attended culinary school in France. She is "The Gourmet Next Door" and is very relatable. I think she will be perfect for the Food Network because is she organized, down-to-earth, friendly, cute, smart, knowledgable, and the FN doesn't really have a French show. You can read Amy's MySpace page here.

So, go vote for Amy! Don't forget to watch the finale next Sunday, 22 July, at 9pm!


Ms. Place said...

How uncanny. Amy is my favorite as well. I voted for her two days in a row. It amazed me that the judges voted for Rory and JAG. I was convinced Amy was a shoe in.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady Jane!!! I haven't seen this show but wanted to give a Holler to ya!!

Lady Jane said...

Oh, my, Ms. Place, I was completely shocked when Amy wasn't chosen. It was the most ridiculous choice and it makes me wonder if Bob and Susy aren't insane? Or, rather, if they didn't set that up to be more dramatic. Amy was far and away the most polished, knowledgable, poised, and consistent contestant the entire competition. How could she not be a finalist? That was very wrong. The other two were better by the end, but they were horribly inconsistent at various parts. It made me really mad. I hope Amy wins!

Miss Paula, too bad you didn't see it! It is such a fun show! They will have it again next summer. Thanks for the hello!