Sunday, July 01, 2007

Plus, He's Tall!

Usually, my favorite actors (aka "celebrity crushes") are British and, some how, about 6 years older than I am. I have finally developed a crush on an American and he's only a year and a half older. :) (I usually don't confess these sorts of things . . . )

Currently, my "celebrity crush" is John Krasinski who plays "Jim Halpert" on NBC's hilarious show The Office.

He's funny, cute, and tall with lovely eyes and brown hair (I have always liked dark hair). Did I mention he's funny? Oh, and he was going to be an English teacher (I am a History/English teacher). Plus, did I mention he's tall? (I'm 5'11.)

The Office is absolutely hilarious and I really can't get enough of it. My friend Roz recommended I watch it earlier this year and I am so glad I did.

John stars with Mandy Moore in License to Wed starting Tuesday, 3 July. I think Roz, my sister Trisha, Roz's sister Esther, and I will be going some time this week (the four of us grew up together and have known each other for over 20 years).

Do you watch The Office?

Very cute interview with John here and a couple of articles here and here.

Lots more great stuff at Office Tally.

A couple of my favorite photos (click on a photo to enlarge it):

John 1 John 2
John 4 John 3
John 5

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