Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #100 (My #11)

First of all, Happy Independence Day!

Thirteen Thursday Thirteens!

As this is the 100th edition of Thursday Thirteen, most people are linking to 13 of their favorite TT's or other people's TT's. As I haven't done 13 yet (and can't possibly pick others, I have decided to list mine and a couple of ideas for lists. So, here we go:

1. Thirteen Things about Lady Jane---25 May 2006
2. Some of Lady Jane's Favorite Poets
---1 June 2006
3. Thirteen Things about Old Glory---15 June 2006
4. Thirteen Things about In Loving Memory of Dani---22 June 2006
5. Thirteen Things about Summertime!---30 June 2006
6. Thirteen Things I Love About Pirates of the Caribbean---6 July 2006
7. Summer Recipes---13 July 2006
8. BOOKS I HAVE AT THE LAKE---27 July 2006
9. Josh Groban Style---2 November 2006, some of my favorite Josh Groban songs
10. Thirteen Things: For My Sister---21 June 2007
11. Thirteen Blogs/Websites I Visit Daily---28 June 2007
12. My Thirteen Favorite Literary Characters
13. Thirteen Books I Plan To Read (Can you tell I like books?)

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Tammy said...

Another Pirates fan I see!
PS...this is Early Bird...I just changed my handle in a few changes at my blog ;)

T*mmy said...

Sorry about that...I just visited you under my olllld blog...her I am with the link to my best blog ;)

Ms. Place said...

These are fun. Thanks for sharing.

Lady Jane said...

Yes, I am, Early Bird! :) Or should I say T*mmy! I will have to come visit!

Thanks for visiting, Ms. Place!

Nancy the Romancechick said...

Great list! Thanks for visiting mine. I'd love to know what books you're going to read next!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Books rule the Earth. It's that simple. (Yeah, I AM a bit biased. So what?)

Wasn't it fun to look through the old stuff? I had a blast constructing my TT this week.

tommiea said...

can't wait to try some of those summer recipes!

thanks for visiting my TT and your kind words!

Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Can't believe it's almost time for the last HP either!

Kristi K. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I hadn't read one of your posts yet, and already found your profile fascinating! I truly enjoyed your "13" about your sister. It is wonderful that you are that close.

And that tall! I am so jealous! (As well as short at 5'3")

alisonwonderland said...

fun list! i always like TTs about books! thanks for stopping by mine!

Lady Jane said...

Books are the greatest thing! I just can't resist buying them and will, no doubt, have many more TTs about books. Hmmm, I just thought of the perfect list (for me) for next week!

Nancy, I am re-reading HP and the Order of the Phoenix right now, as well as Mansfield Park. But, I want to start reading To Rule the Waves (about the British Navy) soon, not to mention Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Plus, some frivolous romance novels. :)

Susan, it was very fun to look through old lists! I hadn't realized I had done as many as I had! :) And yes, books do rule the world!!!

Tommiea, I love summer recipes! Hope you enjoy them! And I meant every word. Thank you for all that you do for our country!

Chris, are you going to a midnight HP party? I think it will be fun. I don't want to be on the internet any time during that weekend and am almost terrified that some mean person will spoil the book for me!

Kristi K, thank you! Sometimes it is nice being this tall, but it can be quite difficult, as well! :) No leg room or long jeans to be found! :) Still, it is nice to be able to see over a crowd!

Alisonwonderland, I love your name! Book lists are the best!!!

Thank you all for visiting and commenting!!! I enjoyed visiting your blogs!