Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Lady Jane

1. This is my first Thursday Thirteen.
2. I'm 25 years old.
3. I have my degree in history, minored in English, and have my teaching certificate.
4. I am quite an Anglophile.
5. My favorite author is Jane Austen.
6. My favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
7. I have a lovely dog named Dani---an Australian Cattle Dog-German Shepherd mix (she looks like a smaller German Shepherd).
8. I learned to knit in November and love it.
9. I attended a Jesuit high school, Gonzaga Prep.
10. I'm Catholic.
11. My birthday is April 21, the same as Queen Elizabeth II's and Charlotte Bronte's (if she were alive).
12. Some of my favorite tv shows are House, 24, and the Closer.
13. My political blog is A Lady's Ruminations. I love politics!

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Bex said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! I joined last week. I think you'll love it!

Great list. I'm quite a bit older than you (39), but we have a lot of similar traits!

alisa said...

Great first list. Today was my first Thursday 13 also. Welcome to the club.

Sarah said...

I just started the TT a few weeks ago. It's a lot of fun, and you should start getting comments soon. Thought I'd say hi-- we seem to have some stuff in common (English major here, history minor, same age, in process of getting teaching certificate, Anglophile). I have a beach towel with the first page of Pride and Prejudice on it. Have fun with the blog.


jayne d'Arcy said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. I started recently, too, and have found it to be a lot of fun. Gonzaga... you're not in Spokane, are you?

Janet said...

Welcome to T13! Your dog sounds beautiful :-) I love 24, too, but was disappointed by the season finale; I thought Logan's storyline kind of petered out. Oh well!

sugarnspice said...

This was my first TT too :)
Great list! I love House too!! Awesome show!

TLC said...

I like your blog name and the name for your political blog, too. Especially since we find out that you love Austen.

Gonzaga Prep, huh? There is a group called Barats and Baretta that I have seen through You-Tube that makes really funny videos and they are at a Jesuit college, also called Gonzaga, in Washington. How can you go wrong with Jesuit gangsta-rap? Really now.

Gonzaga Love I have no affiliation with them, I just saw you mentioned your high school and thought you would think they were fun. T13 is up.

catherine james said...

Hey cool! I love Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, history, House, M.D., and The Closer too!

Tricia said...

Great list and welcome to the Thursday Thirteen. :) You share a birthday with the queen? Wonderful. :)

Mary Horn said...

Pretty good first list!
I'm out in Sultan, but work nights downtown Seattle. What part of Washington are you in?
My TT is up too.

K T Cat said...

Welcome to Thursday 13s! That was a really good one. I had no idea about the dog. I forigve you. :-)

I'm a day late. Do I still get a link to my TT?

By the way, try out Mr. Linky for a way to automate placing the links on your TT posts. I love it.

Louise said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen.

anneberit said...

Nice to meet you!! I'm from Norway and do love to be a part of the TT crowd :D Enjoy your weekend!

TLC said...

I could have sworn I commented on your T13 already. Strange. I remember some of the items in the list.

Anyway, I like Jane Austen, too.

Thanks for visiting my T13.

Lady Jane said...

Thanks, TLC! I'm quite excited to finally get a comment! I was starting to think I shouldn't bother to participate in Thursday Thirteen, if no one was going to comment!

Always lovely to meet another Jane Austen fan! Thanks again!

Tess said...

try mr linky's auto linky, most 13rs use that (including moi) that may encourage comments?

Lesly said...

I have just posted my first T13 too. We have this in common ... I love Pride and Prejudice, and loved it long before I saw the Beeb's version with the delicious Colin!

Chaotic Mom said...

Yeah! Welcome to the T13. GREAT way to meet other bloggers.

Very nice insight to you. I'll have to read more!

My T13 is up, too.;)

Kimba said...

You and I are the same person, I swear! Not only am I THE biggest Angophile, I adore Jane Austen (P&P being my favourite), but we even have the same birthday!!! How crazy!

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog, I'll be back often!

Lady Jane said...

Wow, Kimba! Nice to "meet" someone I have so much in common with! How old are you? lol Thanks!

Thank you all for the comments!