Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thwarted Plans

This morning, I was awakened much too early for my tastes (7:05am) by the construction going on next door (more about it here). As I was obviously not going to get back to sleep, I decided I would spend the day blogging, watching a Jane Austen movie (probably Persuasion or Pride & Prejudice (the 2005 version), and knitting my Lizzy Bennet Shawl for the Knit the Classics Pride and Prejudice project.

Alas, my plans have been thwarted. About two hours ago I received a call asking if I could sub three class periods today. I am happy to oblige. My movie-watching-and-knitting day will have to be put off until tomorrow.

Last night, I got new yarn to make my shawl with. It is called "Windsor Blue" and will do quite nicely. I am thinking of doing most of the shawl in the blue, with a few stripes of cream. The pattern I am going to use (I think!) is from a set of patterns my mothe gave me for Christmas. I'm using a different size circular needle and different yarn, but I think it will turn out well.

More later!

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