Thursday, May 25, 2006


No completely horrid noise this morning. No subbing. So, I get to watch a Jane Austen movie and knit my shawl. I started it last night sometime and it has gone somewhat well. Of course, the experience wouldn't be complete without some tangling of yarns and other little problems.

Ah, went to make my tea and found that I'm out of English Breakfast (a theme, you see: JA movie, knitting a shawl, etc.). I knew I had more upstairs, but upon arrival in that location could not find it. Near panic! :) I just wanted English Breakfast (Twinings, of course! JA used this brand. I'm quite serious.) Luckily, found a nicely-sized stash. Am brewing it now. Also brought down a lovely tin of Walker's Shortbread, the circular one, with Bonnie Prince Charlie on the front. Will be delicious.

Now, I just have to decide which Jane Austen movie to watch . . . so many to choose from! :)

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musicalrose123 said...

hi there and thankyou very much for commenting my blog (I don't get many!). You'll be happy to hear that, in school, I'm in Austen House named after the one and only jane Austen. It's a girl school so obviously the houses are always named after influencial women. The others are Roddam and Seacole. Have a nice day x

Lady Jane said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog too! And I'm quite jealous that you live in Austen House at school!

Have a lovely day too!