Tuesday, May 23, 2006

House Season Finale!

One of my favorite shows, House, has its season finale tonight! Looks like a great episode. Hugh Laurie is absolutely perfect as Dr. House. Hilarious! I'm off to watch it and then I'll post about what I thought.

In the mean time:


House M.D. Guide

And, of course, Blogs for House. Liveblogged the season finale while it was on for the East Coast. Don't visit if you don't want to see what happened (I don't!!!)...


What an episode! I did not suspect the whole thing was a delusion, after House had been shot, until he was at the taco place for a second time. Very interesting twist! There were some very gross parts; I had to keep my eyes off the tv.

My sister taped it, so we can watch again and see if we can tell. I'm sure there must be clues. What a way to end the season!

What did you think?

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1 comment:

fmragtops said...

I thought the eyeball part was AWESOME!!!

But there are a great many clues about the whole thing being a hallucination, all of them I missed while watching the show. The big one I can think of right now is when Cuddy told him "you've been shooting up morphine."

Thanks for the linky love.