Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not According to Plan

The shawl I am knitting for the Knit the Classics Pride and Prejudice project is giving me fits! I've had to start over twice (3 times?) and some how messed it up again. I am going to leave off the pattern I have been working on and make a very simple shawl, which I believe will better represent Lizzy Bennet. I must go buy some new yarn, in a color other than grey. What color I do not know yet. I'll save the grey yarn for next month, when we read another of my favorites, Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. It will fit the Moors and mood of the novel perfectly.

Any suggestions on what color I ought to do my Lizzy shawl in? I will admit I am not much for very girly colors, like pink or purple. Perhaps some sort of yellow, as Jane Austen mentions in this letter? Only, I'm not a big yellow fan. I tend to like the dark colors, inconspicuous and all that. I would do a cream colored shawl (I do love cream), but I've already done two: one in the same pattern (and I'm wearing it at the moment). I shall have to have a look at the different yarns.

More later.

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