Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just in time for New Year's Eve!

This is really cool!

AP: Times Square confetti to carry messages---

NEW YORK - Messages and wishes for the new year from people around the world will float down on the New Year's Eve revelers in Times Square when the confetti is dropped.

For the first time, anyone can get a message printed on a piece of the multicolored confetti by visiting the Times Square Information Center or by using the Internet to type a message on a "Wishing Wall Online" —

The message-carrying pieces will be mixed among the more than one ton of confetti, organizers said.

Messages can be serious or silly, said Tim Tompkins, a spokesman for the Times Square Alliance, which organizes the party.
What a fabulous idea!


JaneFan said...

How neat! I wonder if my firends in NYC know about this?

Lady Jane said...

Isn't it? I thought it was fun and I want to see how big the confetti was.