Friday, December 21, 2007

Ms. Place is having a contest!

Jane Austen Fans, Ms. Place is having a contest over at Jane Austen Today. Two winners will receive a copy of the fabulous novel The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James! You can read my review here.

Then, head over to Jane Austen Today and enter the contest!

Here are the rules:

A Suitor for Jane

Pretend you are one of Jane Austen's parents. Describe in two or three sentences the kind of gentleman that would be worthy to win Jane's hand in marriage. What sort of man would you accept as a suitable husband for our favorite author?

Then place your description in my comment section. If you feel uncomfortable writing a description, simply list the suitor's attributes. Oh, and you may place an icon of this paragon of husbandhood alongside your description.

The contest is open until January 1. I will then choose the five best answers. Starting January 2, the readers of this blog will have one week to vote for the best suitor!
Good luck!


Ms. Place said...

Thank you for advertising the contest, Lady Jane! I think one of your readers already left a description, and a fine one it is! Ms. Place

Lady Jane said...

You're most welcome, Ms. Place! I'm always delighted to post about your contests and any other items!