Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm so very excited! Josh Groban's tour dvd/cd Awake Live will be out 6 May 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots more info here.

The songs on the cd/dvd are:

Mai / February Song / In Her Eyes / So She Dances / Un Dia Llegara / Pearls / Weeping / Machine / Awake

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) / Mai / Un Dia Llegara / Un Giorno Per Noir / Now or Never / So She Dances / February Song / Alla Luce del Sole / Aurora (featuring Lucia Micarelli) / Kashmir (featuring Lucia Micarelli) / In Her Eyes / Pearls (featuring Angelique Kidjo) / L'Ultima Notte / Remember When It Rained / Lullaby / Weeping / Machine / Canto Alla Vita / You Raise Me Up / Awake

You can be an "internet-only" edition here. If you haven't purchased a fan club membership, you can do it now and, if you pay a little more, also get the special cd/dvd. It is definitely worth it!

I am sooooooooooooo excited!

Here is the cover. Josh is wearing one of the shirts he wore at the Seattle concert!


Lady Lori said...

*JUMPS UP AND DOWN ECSTATICALLY* OMJ!!!! I am so excited!!! LOOK AT THE SHIRT TOO!! I wonder if that is from our concert?!?! I cannot wait! Thanks so much for the heads up Twinnie!

Miss Paula said...

You aren't too excited are you Lady Jane??

Aj said...

That concert was incredible and so memorable! I can close my eyes and put myself there again!

Lady Jane said...

Lori!!! You are so funny! I'm still soooo excited! I love that the shirt he wore at our concert is on the cover. Too bad they didn't film at that one! You're welcome, Twinnie!

Miss Paula, sooooooooooooo excited! It was such an experience and I can't wait to relive it with the dvd!

Aj, it was so wonderful and I'm so glad we got to finally go together! I was looking at the pictures and they just took me back! Lori and I are planning a dvd party. We'll have to have one! Or you'll have to come! lol