Monday, March 10, 2008

News From Britain

A couple of interesting stories related to Great Britain:

Reuters: British World War Two ship found in Norwegian fjord---

OSLO (Reuters) - The wreck of a British warship sunk by the Germans during World War Two, killing more than 100 men, has been discovered on the bottom of a deep fjord in the north of Norway, the Norwegian Navy said.

HMS Hunter went down on April 10, 1940, in the Ofot fjord outside of the Arctic port of Narvik during the first of two battles between the British and the Nazis, during which several other ships were sunk and never seen again in the deep inlet.

"We searched the area where HMS Hunter most likely was located and spent around 14 hours before we found the vessel," said lieutenant Tom Thorgrimsen at KNM Tyr, the ship that made the discovery last week.

A memorial ceremony was held on Saturday for the victims, with over a thousand British and Norwegian soldiers taking part.
Daily Mail: Britain braced for second storm front as thousands are hit by flooding and power cuts---

Thousands were left stranded, flooded or without power yesterday as 95mph hailstorms lashed Britain.

Amid widespread travel chaos, more than 10,000 families were plunged into darkness when trees crashed through power lines.

Homes in Wales, Cornwall and Devon were deluged.

Emergency services were at full stretch for the "perfect storm" - a combination of gale force winds and the high spring tide.
Use the link for more of the story and some incredible photos.

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