Friday, March 28, 2008

My P&P the Musical Cast

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Pride and Prejudice Musical at Jane Austen Today, so here are my picks (I'm not going to pick a whole cast and a couple are the same as Ms. Place's choices):

Josh Groban as Mr. Darcy: He isn't proud and aloof like Mr. Darcy, but Josh's Voice is the only one worthy of Mr. Darcy.

Emmy Rossum as Lizzie Bennet: She has a gorgeous voice and would be fantastic as Lizzie.

Michael Buble as Charles Bingley: His voice isn't as classic as Josh's, he can be adorably goofy, and I think he would be a great Bingley.

Carrie Underwood as Jane Bennet: Beautiful voice and beautiful girl. Perfectly suitable for Jane.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Mr. Wickham: He's super sexy and can sing, as he did in August Rush.

And then I think I would cast Britney Spears as Lydia Bennet, Jessica Simpson as Kitty Bennet, the beautiful Mandy Moore as Mary Bennet (even though Mary is plain---Mandy was super as Jame in A Walk to Remember).

I'll have to keep thinking (before tomorrow!).

Who would you cast?


Ms. Place said...

Excellent choices! I am glad you entered!

Anonymous said...

Good choices. I would add Oliver James in there too!!

Dapoppins said...

I love your cast ideas...Britiney as Lydia made me laugh out loud!

Lady Jane said...

Thank you, Ms. Place! It was such fun! I would have loved to "cast" the whole cast, but I just can't think of lots of singers right now! Silly me! :) This was such a fun idea!

Miss Paula, who is Oliver James? :)

Dapoppins, thanks! I thought she would be perfect!

Dina said...

I adore your cast!!! Excellent choices!

Anonymous said...

I like the new background Lady Jane!!

Lady Lori said...

FANTASTIC choices!!!! I LOVE JRM as Wickham, that picture of Josh is very Mr. Darcy too, I stand corrected hehe. I want to see a musical P&P with your cast, honestly!

Lady Jane said...

Thanks, Dina! Thanks, Miss Paula!

Thanks, Lori!!! I would love to see JRM as Wickham! He's fab. And I thought that pic of Josh was perfect for Mr. Darcy! He can pull it off! lol