Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Pirate Plunder

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest continues to haul in the gold. :)

According to BoxOfficeMojo, POTC: DMC has made $169,506,744 domestically, through Tuesday. If you add in the $46,636,000 in foreign revenue, you arrive at the staggering sum of $216,142,744 worldwide. Fabulous!

It is:

-Fastest to $100 million
-#1 Opening Weekends - July
-#1 Opening Weekends
-#1 Opening Day Gross
-#1 Yearly Opening Weekends (All) 2006
-#1 Yearly Opening Weekends (Wide) 2006


In its maiden voyage to seven territories, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest hijacked the foreign box office over the weekend with a lusty $46.6 million, nearly quadrupling what its predecessor opened to in those same markets. Not even the final matches of the box-office-draining World Cup could stop it.

In the United Kingdom, Pirates nabbed the eighth-highest opening ever and the biggest of the year, raking in $25.3 million from 514 locations. Down Under, it tallied $8.4 million, also the eighth best if all time and eclipsing the first movie by 111 percent.
Let's hope it keeps going.

Superman Returns, the much lauded latest Superman movie, has only brought in $146,926,451 domestically to date, despite opening a week and a half earlier, and $35,800,000 internationally, for a total of $182,726,451.

USA Today asks Crazy for Johnny, or Captain Jack? I say both. I LOVE the character of Captain Jack Sparrow. POTC wouldn't be POTC without him. I wasn't a huge Johnny Depp fan before POTC came out, but now I am. He's absolutely brilliant---and unafraid to play quite unusual roles. Other than Captain Jack Sparrow in the POTC films, I don't think he has ever played two of his characters in the same way. He always amazes anew. And I am always amazed at his performances. But, then, I also just LOVE Captain Jack Sparrow.

More news:

-CBS has the transcript and video of Johnny's interview from The CBS Early Show on 7 July here. Very adorable interview, with lots about Johnny's kids.

-AP: Depp bonds with Jack Sparrow has a list of the Top 10 Pirate Songs

-POTC-Yo Ho! Videos here. Film clips from behind the scenes and the premiere.

-Lots on Orlando Bloom here.

My thoughts on the movie are here.

And don't forget to have fun at the official POTC: DMC site here.

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Orhan Kahn said...

That's staggering!

Lady Jane said...

Isn't it? I have the latest numbers posted here.

Thanks for the comment!