Monday, June 18, 2007

The Battle of Waterloo

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815, Waterloo, Belgium, where the English Duke of Wellington, principally, defeated, for the last time, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Huzzah for General Wellington!

You can read all about the bloody Battle of Waterloo, including combatants, generals, British regiments present, and troop movements, here.

Today, Waterloo reenactment draws thousands.

And more:
The Allied Order of Battle
The French Order
The Casualties (British only)
Uniforms, Arms, Equipment, Training

Waterloo-The Battle
Eyewitness to History: Waterloo
The Battle of Waterloo


Dapoppins said...

the pictures from the Waterloo reenactment were so cool. What little I know from this time in history is from romance novels, can you reconmend a good book about it?

Miss S said...

I love reading about the battle of waterloo, but most of all, i love
listening to the abba song. :)

Miss S

Anonymous said...

I didn't know this!! See you are educating me!!!

Lady Jane said...

This is the time period I have studied rather thoroughly in and outside of college. I adore it.

I would be delighted to look through my bookshelf and find a book to recommend, Dapoppins.

Miss S., I have never heard of the Abba song. Is it about the Battle?

Miss Paula, thank you for the compliment! I am, after all, a teacher! :)