Saturday, June 30, 2007

My ParTea has Arrived!

My ParTea Swap package from Leigh Ann arrived this afternoon! I have just finished opening it and was constantly delighted. The theme of the swap was ParTea. Our task was to come up with something to represent each letter (P-a-r, etc.), related to tea, and to include a teacup and saucer.

Leigh Ann, from
The Pink Kitchen, and I were swap partners, meaning I sent a package to her and she sent one to me.

Here is what Leigh Ann sent to me (click on photos to enlarge):

P is for Pretty Tea Cup & Plate
P is For Pretty Teacup and Saucer
A is for A Set of Notes
A is for A Set of Notes
R is for Reading Materials (Leigh Ann's favorite pasttime while sipping a cup of tea---mine too!)
R is for Reading Materials
T is for Twinings Tea (my favorite! and Earl Grey too!)
T is for Twinings Tea (the inside of the tin)
E is for Embellished Journal
E is for Embellished Journal
A is for A bunch of yummy treats from Leigh Ann's favorite food store, Trader Joe's
A is for A Bunch of Yummy Treats TooThe Mix

Here is everything together:

My ParTea!

Isn't it all lovely?

All the lovely goodies from Leigh Ann! A tea canister. Some lovely note cards and a pad of tea paper. Some delicious smelling cookies. A darling tea towel. A fabulous English tin with a solider on the front and Twinings Earl Grey inside! My sweet teacup and large saucer (all that room for scones and things! Hooray!). A tea ball (a fabulous one which will be easy to get the tea out of when I'm done!). Luscious lemon curd (I love lemon curd!). Honey sticks (I also love honey. There is something absurdly fun about sucking honey out of a little plastic stick!). A box of green tea muffin/cake mix! A cool British book on Windsor Castle. A book called London, which promises to be very interesting, with a darling bookmarker inside. And a little journal that Leigh Ann decorated in Tea fashion! I love everything! Thanks, Leigh Ann!!!

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"Early Bird" said...

I wish I had known of this is awesome!

Leigh Ann said...

I'm so glad it came in one piece and you enjoyed it! I had so much fun putting it together.

I agree about honey sticks. Such simple pleasure! :)

Cheers, my dear Jane, LA

Lady Jane said...

It was an awesome swap, "Early Bird"! Hopefully you can join the next one.

Thank you so much, Leigh Ann! Everything is great! It was so much fun to open. I wanted to have a tea party right then! :) Lol, I will certainly enjoy the honey sticks! I remember getting them as a child (well, and since then too!). Thank you for everything!