Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How Well Do You Know the Regency?

Over at Jane Austen's World, Ms. Place has posted a link to a quiz on the Regency.

As I adore studying the Regency, I had to take the quiz. I am pleased to say I got a 10 of 10!

You will find the quiz here.

Don't forget to visit Jane Austen's World. Ms. Place always has fascinating information about Jane's family and the Regency in general.


Aj said...

I got 4 correct!

Miss Paula said...

HEE HEE HEE I got 4 also!! I had no clue!!

Ms. Place said...

Thank you for the Shout Out, Lady Jane, and for rallying the fans. Oh, dear. I declared a winner too soon. But this forced you to rally the troops. Well done.

Lady Jane said...

Congrats, ladies!

You are most welcome, Ms. Place! I am always happy to oblige. And, I did notice that Matthew MacFadyen seems to be making a come back! Huzzah! :)