Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chicken Curry!

A couple of summers ago my dear friend Lady Lori introduced me to Indian food, which is one of her favorites. I have had it a couple of times, but never attempted it until recently.

As I do for most recipes, I turned to Rachael Ray, specifically her magazine, and found this: Chandran's Chicken Curry.

The kitchen smelled fabulous the entire evening. Cinnamon. Coconut milk. Garlic. Fresh Ginger (Yum-o!).

It was easy, very delicious, and, based on my experience, tasted authentic. If you have never made curry before, I highly recommend this recipe!

Here are some pictures of my Chicken Curry:

Chicken Curry

Basmati Rice and Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice and Chai Tea


Dapoppins said...

ohhh, I have to say. That looks good.

Lady Jane said...

:) It was and I think I want to make it again!