Friday, June 29, 2007

Herbs All Around!

I'm not really into gardening, but I love having fresh herbs. This presents a challenge, as I must remember to water them and use them. My mother and I got some little herb plants a few weeks ago and, I must say, I have been pretty devoted to them. I even got my fingernails all dirty repotting them (very unusual for me)!

In my herb pots I have the following (I don't have pictures for all of them right now.):

Basil---one of my absolute favorites. (the 2 pictures below)
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Thyme---another favorite. (pictured below)
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Rosemary---yet another favorite. (pictured below: sage & rosemary)
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Chocolate Mint---Yes, chocolate mint. It smells divinely.


Tarragon (pictured below: oregano & tarragon)
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Lavender---not really an herb, but one of my favorite things on earth. (pictured below, in front of other herbs)
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I was just actually outside, getting lots of dirt under my nails, replanting the rosemary. It was in a pot with the sage, which has grown massively and was ov'rshadowing the rosemary. I love the way my fingers smell like the herbs after I have been touching them. Often I go just to run my fingers over the green herbs so I can smell those delicious aromas.

What kinds of herbs do you like to use? Do you have an herb garden? What's in it?


JaneFan said...

I have lemon thyme and greek oregano that I bought as plants and repotted. I am trying to sprout some seeds of sweet basil, lavendar, and peppermint but I seem to have a black thumb. I'm always either overwatering or underwatering them!

Lady Jane said...

Are your seeds growing? I don't usually buy seeds because I kind of have a black thumb too! :) I think I would probably neglect them terribly. That reminds me: it has been super hot and I haven't checked my herbs today! Thanks for visiting and commenting!